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A Gem in the Rough: Behind the Success of Classic Stripes

(August 2011) posted on Tue Sep 13, 2011

Find out what it takes to become—and remain—among the biggest and best in a crowded and competitive country.

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By Mike Young

The plan defines strict operating procedures throughout the process, and Classic Stripes is believed to be the only screen-printing company that has four different types of advanced accelerated weather testing systems—perhaps more than what most ink-coating or substrate manufacturers have at their own disposal. It is not out of the ordinary for the company to reject incoming raw materials, even from top international brand names, when the products fail to meet advertised standards.

The QA department works to guarantee long-lasting, high-quality, screen-printed products—particularly those that must conform to some of the world’s strictest automotive specifications. The team checks numerous physical and mechanical properties, in addition to durability when exposed to chemicals and atmospheric changes, which are simulated (accelerated), as required, either for days, weeks, or a number of years. The QA department’s process-oriented work style has enabled Classic Stripes to achieve an extremely high degree of efficiency in every stage of the process, thereby maintaining an overall rejection rate that is lower than the industry average.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Classic Stripes can afford to stand by its quality and product warranties with full conviction is none other than focusing on leadership in product development and processing style. By virtue of their mindset, they seem to be committed to supreme quality and innovation, including unparalleled ability to deliver products just in time as required more frequently by their OEM customers. Such a factor, which prevents costly internal warehousing of finished prints on any customers’ shelves, is fast becoming a common element of doing business with principal OEMs to meet their production on a daily or weekly basis. From a visual aesthetic appeal, these efforts have paid off handsomely as a constant recipient of many prestigiously global awards for print excellence, including those bestowed by their esteemed customers.

As a large, multi-faceted printing and fulfillment organization, the company has established its own Kaizen system, a meticulously involved program that facilitates workforce participation to improve performance. This ensures continuous improvement is an ongoing process, an interaction in the program that occurs regularly. Furthermore, it also addresses specific areas such as print-quality enhancements, health and safety, as well as seeking greater perfection in productivity, cost, delivery, and morale throughout the workplace.


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