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A Guide to Graphics Installation

(August 2011) posted on Tue Aug 23, 2011

You can make it fast or make it right. Continue reading to find out how to optimize your graphics for appeal and application.

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By Paul Roba

Do it right the first time.” How many times have you heard this saying? I remember my dad saying this to me on numerous occasions. It was usually followed by instructions to do something over because I had tried to do whatever chore he had assigned quickly so I could get back to the fun stuff. Eventually, I learned that if I took a little extra time and did my best the first time, my dad would be happy and I’d have more time to do what I wanted.

In this article, I present the right way to produce vinyl graphics, beginning with selecting the right material and ending with a proper installation. By following these guidelines, your customer will walk away happy with the work you have provided and, hopefully, the customer will return to your shop again with repeat business.

Selecting the right material
When a customer comes into your shop and asks you to produce graphics, do you just choose the first roll of media that you see and start printing? I doubt it. There is a process to go through before printing begins. The first step in producing high-quality graphics is to choose the best material for the job. To choose the best material, ask your customers a series of questions so you can get an idea of their expectations. The questions are designed to facilitate accurate quotations and detailed production specifications and to provide your customers with the most suitable product for their graphic applications.

As you go through these questions and their answers, remember to refer to the media manufacturer’s technical data sheets for product specifications and instructions for using the product. I recommend that you create your own specific material-selection checklist. For starters, begin by considering the following questions.


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