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An Overview of Automatic Garment Presses

(June 2011) posted on Tue May 24, 2011

Use this guide to automatic garment presses to find out about important features and functions and learn about some of the models on the market.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

A.W.T. World Trade Inc.

A.W.T. says its American M&M Centurian supports output of up to 900 garments/hr and combines the latest electronic technology into the finest high-speed textile printer available today. It features a central programming station (PLC and touchscreen interface) that offers operation control, production-data feedback, and troubleshooting; electromechanical indexer and carriage drives; lock-in heads and platen-tip supports; carriage-locking mechanism and a pneumatic locking fork designed to maintain ±0.001-in. (0.025-mm) registration repeatability; and more. A production/set-up mode permits indexer operation from any print station, and freewheeling mode allows manual indexer rotation. Each printhead is equipped with an 18-in. (457-mm) high-lift for screen cleaning. The Centurian also features the Squeegelizer, a pneumatic system that’s designed to control and maintain uniform print pressure along the entire squeegee blade. The press also includes a Remote Diagnostics System that links to A.W.T.’s computers. Options and accessories include a perimeter all-over platen system that is designed to enable full printing of one complete side of a T-shirt, including the sleeves, in one pass; sleeve and pant-leg platens; Q-Flash cure units; and more.

Brown Manufacturing Group
The ElectraPrint Stealth Series from Brown Manufacturing Group is available in five configurations, from a six-color/six-station unit to a nine-color/ten-station system. Brown says electrical operation makes these presses quieter to run, easier to maintain, and less expensive to operate. Electrical features include a control panel, auto start and shut down, independent squeegee-speed control, independent head multi-stroke, manual print mode on each head, on-board self-diagnostic system, flash ports on each head, shirt-skip detector, iPod mounting system with speaker, shirt counter, audible alerts, batch-mode flash operation, and more. The press requires 110-volt, 10-amp electrical power and no air. Other standard features include direct drive microregistration system, independent floodbar and squeegee pressure, winged floodbars, quick-release floodbar and squeegee (tool-free), quick-release rubber-topped-aluminum platens, full machine off-contact adjustment, independent head off-contact adjustment, front screen loading, side clamp screen holders, print-stroke adjustment from 10-24 in. (254-610 mm), and more. The presses are constructed of steel and can accommodate production speeds of up to 700 pieces/hr.


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