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Boosting Garment-Printing Efficiency

(July 2012) posted on Tue Jul 10, 2012

Use the following tips to control the variables most commonly encountered in garment screen printing.

By Dawn M. Hohl-Nowlin

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Squeegee quality
The squeegee’s importance cannot be understated. Its interaction and interdependence with screen tension is absolute. Without a quality squeegee and a properly tensioned screen, the ink transfer will not happen correctly, resulting in a whole list of problems.
A square squeegee blade is preferred for most printing, and the edge of the blade is critical to a good print. While a dull squeegee will still push ink through the screen, it requires excessive pressure and a slower stroke to do so. Poor edge quality can also cause print streaking and uneven ink deposits.
It is impossible to keep your squeegees sharp without a basic squeegee sharpener (Figure 4). The edge of the squeegee wears down during the friction of printing, and needs to be sharpened on a regular basis. Replacing squeegee material is costly, so putting in a new blade in place of sharpening is not a cost-effective option. Here are a few squeegee-sharpening recommendations:


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