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Bring Order to Your Inkroom with Ink-Management Software

(March 2005) posted on Tue Mar 29, 2005

Learn about the various programs that ink manufacturers offer for tracking, mixing, and organizing inks and find out what improvements have occurred since our last review of ink-management software in the May 2001 issue of Screen Printing magazine.

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By Lori Leaman

In addition to supporting scales, Ink Manager can be coupled with different ink-dispensing systems. The IDS10 Inplant Dispenser is a gravometric dispenser equipped with up to 20 vessels that hold 10 liters (2.5 gal) each and dispenses colors with ±0.1-g accuracy. The IDS25 Inplant Dispenser features 25-liter (6-gal) vessels. Its design allows for expansion from 12-24 ink reservoirs. The Q-Master ink-dispensing system dispenses up to ten inks and supports containers from one quart to one gallon. And an Integrated Drum Dispenser is designed to decant inks from bulk containers to more convenient batch sizes of 1-20 liters. For more information, contact Coates Screen, 2445 Production Dr., St. Charles, IL 60174, 800-333-4657, fax: 630-513-1655, Web:

Colormate PRO Lancer Group International's Colormate PRO software is designed for use with Lancer's ColorPRO and PCPRO color-matching plastisol ink systems, as well as Excalibur Series inks. The ColorPRO Pantone Matching System uses 11 standard colors (including black and white), and all of the colors have been mixed and test printed on T-shirts. The PCPRO system produces simulated Pantone colors using pigment concentrates and base. The system consists of 16 colors, including black and white. With PCPRO, users can produce all colors in the Excalibur ink line, and PCPRO can be used with all Excalibur bases.

On the main menu, users select the ink series from a color book containing two ColorPRO lines, two PCPRO lines, six Excalibur lines, and a custom colors option. Once a color book is selected, the screen displays the color name and specific amounts of each base color that make up the formula (Figure 2). A sample of the color also is displayed. From this menu, users can either calculate by weight or by area. Other options allow users to select a different book, return to the main menu, or quit the program. Once the calculation command has been selected, the program displays precise calculations, which can be displayed in various units (gal, g, kg, l, oz, etc.). For each ingredient, the software estimates the amount of ink required. The Custom Color screen allows users to enter and save data to the program. For more information, contact Lancer Group Int'l, 311 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 3C7, Canada, 800-665-4875, fax: 800-498-6675, Web:


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