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Bring Order to Your Inkroom with Ink-Management Software

(March 2005) posted on Tue Mar 29, 2005

Learn about the various programs that ink manufacturers offer for tracking, mixing, and organizing inks and find out what improvements have occurred since our last review of ink-management software in the May 2001 issue of Screen Printing magazine.

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By Lori Leaman

IMS's Color System Formula Retrieval Module allows the user to retrieve either a Pantone formula, one of Wilflex's own color-matching formulas, or a custom formula previously created by the user. The operator simply selects a color system and enters a formula code, and a recipe for that color then appears on screen. The program can then be used to perform a variety of functions.

When certain job details, such as emulsion thickness, mesh count and thread diameter, size of the design, number of prints, and specific colors used, are recorded in the program's Job Screen module, the software calculates an estimated cost per print. The final cost of a batch can be calculated through the Cost Entry Module.

Additionally, the program will monitor VOC emissions on a daily basis through its VOC Tracking Module. A Recycle Module allows users to work away leftover inventory by searching for other compatible colors that have similar recipes, then providing measuring guidelines for mixing the new color from the leftover ink and other components.

The program's Utility Tools Module allows the software to interface with a scale or dispensing device. When used with a Sartorious PMA 7500-gram scale, the software displays a scale readout on the computer monitor. As a component is measured onto the scale, a bar on the right side of the screen meters the increasing weight and indicates when the required amount of the ingredient has been reached (Figure 6). The program will alert the user if an ingredient has been over or underweighed.

IMS software can be translated into Spanish, and additional languages will be added to the program in the future. For more information, contact Polyone Corp., 8155 Cobb Center Dr., Kennesaw, GA 30152, 770-590-3500, fax: 678-290-2754, Web: www.polyone.corp.

M2000 Formulation Guide Software Rutland's M2000 Formulation Guide Software offers a broad range of ink-management functions. It is capable of mixing more than 2000 different Pantone and Rutland colors for textile applications.


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