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Enhanced Driver for Epson Printers

(March 2007) posted on Sun Mar 04, 2007

Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC

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Wasatch released new Epson x800 drivers for what it describes as exotic and alternative inksets. Users reportedly can now achieve expanded gamuts, increased print speeds, and specialized niche application output. The Epson x800 driver set supports true dual CMYK printing, and the new hi-fi inkset creator is designed to streamline the use of the eight printheads for expanded-gamut printing. Wasatch SoftRIP’s inkset wizard guides users through the selection and designation of inks, and the inkset customizer is available for use with all future hi-fi drivers in SoftRIP. The new driver set also allows for multiple output applications without changeover costs and delays. Users can combine various ink configurations to achieve photographic, dye-sublimation, and monochrome-film output with one device. Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, 333 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-575-8043, 800-894-1544, fax: 801-575-8075, Web:


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