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HardingPoorman Group Partners with PriscoDigital to Increase Wide Format Inkjet Production

(June 2012) posted on Mon Jun 18, 2012

Installs HP Scitex FB700 and Caldera RIP

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Indianapolis, IN-based HardingPoorman Group, an ISO-certified print communications provider, was faced with increasing customer demand for printed applications on rigid materials. PriscoDigital was able to offer a best-of-class solution comprised of the HP Scitex FB700 UV hybrid printer, and Caldera GrandRIP. This solution allowed HardingPoorman Group to eliminate the “print-and-mount” workflow they were using and print directly on a wide variety of rigid materials. The versatile FB700 also has the additional ability to print on flexible substrates. Therefore, the company moved virtually all of the work previously being done on their two roll-fed printers to the FB700.

Andy Wheeler, Wide Format Manager for HardingPoorman Group, mentioned that he can “Efficiently fill the 98”-wide bed with substrate and produce multiple copies or different jobs at the same time." In addition, “The continuous feed capability allows me to stage media for printing as the current job is still running.”
“With this new workflow, we’ve increased our wide format job capacity by more than 400%. We can meet our customers’ demand for faster turn-around and still accomplish it with one shift,” said Steve Anzalone, COO of the HardingPoorman Group.
When asked why HPG chose to work with Prisco for this project, Steve Anzalone replied, “Naturally we turned to Keith Williams, our Prisco representative, for ideas. He has been there to assist us as we built our business over the years and we have found Prisco to be a professional and well run company. Keith and Mike White, of PriscoDigital, are business people, not just sales personnel—they understand our business.” “What closed the deal for us was the visit we had to HP’s Print Solutions Showcase in Atlanta. The no-nonsense, to-the-point professional demonstration utilizing our customer files convinced us that this was the right solution for us.”
“Many of our customers are looking for technologies that they can immediately and easily integrate into their business to provide increased opportunities to exceed their customers expectations. Prisco is fortunate to have a wide-range of solutions to take their businesses to the next level,” said Eric A. Gutwillig, VP of Marketing for Prisco and PriscoDigital.



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