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How Woot! Wins with Wearables

(January 2012) posted on Wed Jan 11, 2012

Hint: High-quality, on-shore screen printing has something to do with it.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

For those not familiar, Woot! ( is a heavily trafficked deal-of-the day site that features several product-specific channels: home goods, stuff for kids, wine, close-out items, and -- best of all -- screen-printed T-shirts. And not just any screen-printed T-shirts, mind you -- T-shirts that are screen printed in the good ol' USA. And it gets better: The T-shirts are sweatshop-free and made in America!

Woot! combines domestic sourcing, support, and customer service -- a potent brew on its own -- with user-community engagement to boost its page views and purchases. Artists of all flavors can submit designs for consideration, and Woot! holds contests to allow its users to select the best ones for T-shirts. In most cases, Woot! will produce and sell the three designs that get the most votes in a week. Check out the following blog entry to learn more about how Woot! wows with its wares. You just might learn something.

How Woot Works: Printing Our Shirts

Woot! is doing garment screen printing and marketing right. What does your shop do to engage customers and attract new business?


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