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Image Enhancement: Better Files, Cost Savings

(February 2013) posted on Tue Mar 12, 2013

Mandel discusses how to conserve ink and make image files easier to print by replacing CMY elements with black.

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By Rick Mandel

Ink saving replaces chromatic colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) with black in the color composition. This technique keeps the existing pure black, rich black within the specified maximum area coverage, as well as process and spot colors. During this process, the color gamut is adjusted to colors that are printable within the selected color space. The colors' visual impression is maintained for printing and proofing; however, a smaller amount of ink is required. The increase in black also ensures greater accuracy in reproducibility of the imagery.”

FineEye’s ICEmeta is Web-based. While a server product affects each file, ICEmeta creates optimized profiles for your digital print to be affected and result in improved imagery and cost savings. FineEye Color’s ICEmeta portal is designed to give users a fast, accurate, and verifiable up-front look at just how much value this new optimizing product will drive in their own shop, before they spend one red cent.

The printer uploads their ICC profile to the ICEmeta portal. The profile is immediately ICEd (can I just say that I like that name tag of the file being ICEd?), and a TIFF file is produced of an image with the ICC profile and the new ICEd profile. Along with a TIFF image, the printer gets projected ink savings using the ICE ICC profile, plus Delta E data indicating the accuracy that can be expected. This file can be brought into Adobe Photoshop to see exactly how both profiles treat the image. If you like what ICEmeta did to your profile, purchase of the ICC profile may be transacted on the Website. Ink settings can be altered prior to the ICE-generated profile, and the operator may then evaluate the different setting applications before purchasing.


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