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Increasing Your Profit

(February 2013) posted on Tue Mar 12, 2013

Coudray explains how to use your Website to stand out from the competition and convert sales prospects into profit centers.

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By Mark A. Coudray

There’s another hugely important part of this. Every person coming to your site who engages you in a story becomes a potential ambassador for you. They may not have an immediate need right now, but they will most surely know someone who does. When they can tell your story to their friend, family, or colleague, each visitor to your site becomes your storyteller. They have much higher credibility with their friends, family, and associates than you do. If it comes from your mouth, it’s automatically discounted as sales propaganda. This is supported by a recent Nielsen survey that showed the consumer trusts advertisers only 13% of the time, but they trust their friends 94% of the time. We all know people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

Where does this all leave us? Take the time to understand your funnel or pipeline and forever have a flow of qualified prospects. You can do so many things to deliver prequalified prospects to your site. Optimized conversion of offline sales is the hot area in digital marketing right now, and it is just getting started.
Look closely at how you are going to get prequalified traffic. The simplest and fastest way (but definitely not the cheapest) is pay-per-click advertising. You can get prospects coming to your site in minutes using Google AdWords.

Once you determine the value of the traffic, you can begin the process of reducing the cost per lead. You can acquire these prequalified leads for as little as $0.05 each, if you know what you are doing. Compare this to AdWords at 10-100 times this price. This makes it affordable to have thousands or even tens of thousands of new leads hit the site each and every month, even for small operations.

With the understanding of how the pipeline works, all these potential customers can be cultivated on a continuous basis. You can ramp up or throttle back the flow of prospects depending on how busy you are at any given time. You simply back up the flow from the point where you have too many orders. If you know what the conversion rate and time cycle is, and the value of each conversion, you now have a sales engine in place that can be optimized and adjusted until the production cycle of peaks and valleys is a thing of the distant past.


We remember information more easily when it’s in the form of a story. The more interesting and engrossing the story, the better the chance someone will remember it—and you.


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