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Kodak Launches Kodak Prinergy Workflow Connectivity to EFI Fiery Digital Servers

(June 2012) posted on Wed Jun 13, 2012

New launch meets increasing demand for short-run jobs, faster turnaround

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Kodak has teamed up with EFI (Nasdaq: EFII) to develop connectivity between Kodak Prinergy Workflow and EFI Fiery Digital Print Servers, providing print service providers with a fully-integrated solution that allows them to manage jobs for multiple offset and digital devices from a single user interface. Using a centralized workflow in an offset and digital blended production environment drives higher levels of automation and increased job control, both of which are key to delivering profitable print across different job sizes and run lengths.

Attendees at last year’s EFI Connect annual users’ conference were the first to see a live technology demonstration of this solution. After completion of a successful testing program, this connectivity is now commercially available.

“The release of this Prinergy Workflow connectivity with Fiery Servers demonstrates that Kodak remains committed to the success of our customers. This integration allows them to maximize their existing technology investments and cut costs from the manufacturing process,” said Jon Bracken, Kodak’s general manager of Unified Workflow Solutions. “It also represents another milestone in the evolution of Prinergy Workflow as a true unified workflow solution that enhances productivity in any printing environment.”

John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI, said, “The Fiery Server and Prinergy Workflow combination is ideal for today’s common blended production environment, routing jobs to the most appropriate and cost-effective device while providing centralized control from a single operator station. The integration is not only simple to deploy but it eliminates errors and touch points to ensure the greatest efficiency, and customers have been anxiously awaiting its release.”

Two-way flow of data between Kodak Prinergy Workflow and Fiery Servers is enabled by Job Definition Format/Job Messaging Format (JDF/JMF), allowing users to drive output to the most suitable device for the job, schedule jobs more easily, and maximize press usage, while also providing critical tracking and reporting information. Centralized control allows users to easily and quickly direct jobs to offset or digital systems using the same content files and dynamic layouts for the target device. This connectivity is available for EFI Fiery, Fiery Central, and EFI wide format presses.




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There are 2 the latest models of for providing Ergo Baby carrier internet in colocation facilities. You are carrier neutral along with the other is carrier specific. Carrier neutral data centers offer customers more choices and tend to be the option for service in america and Europe. Unfortunately, the service is rare in Canada when you choose to do think it is, is very expensive.
From the carrier neutral model, your server resides in the facility that gives a number of internet carriers. Generally, the 1st step along the way of getting a carrier neutral facility is always to choose the carrier that you would like to supply your web connection. Being a land agent, colocation brokers can help you find very good service and the best price for you needs. When you go with a provider, your broker will show you which data centers are around to host your server along with what areas. After that, you possibly can find the location or locations that best meet your needs. According to the height and width of your organization you'll probably decide your servers hosted in various areas during the entire country or in one general location.
Prices consist of provider to provider as well as the benefit from carrier neutral colocation is that you simply have the choice to go around to find the best price. In case a carrier is owning a promotion, ll be capable of geting in on that promotion and reduce your internet service. However, within the downside, you only pay more to rent space inside colocation facility than you'll which has a carrier specific facility.
While using the carrier specific model, you do not have a selection recognise the business can provide your internet connection. Under consideration the facility you want your server hosted at then, whatever carrier they've already, this is the one you use for your internet connection.
The condition with this model is the fact this doesn't happen let Ergo Baby carrier sale you look around to find the best price on the internet service. However, you only pay one fee to the colocation facility for both your rack space as well as your websites.
Generally, the carrier neutral model is better for that consumer mainly because it encourages competition among the providers and drives prices down. Because consumer you then have a better choice for service and also lower costs.
In Canada, however, carrier neutral services aren't accessible because of the monopolies held because of the major agencies. In many instances, the carrier specific model is all it is possible to get. If you happen upon an organization that has carrier neutral service, beware of high costs. As most colocation facilities in Canada don't offer carrier neutral services, the few that will be able to drive their prices way up for space in the facility. Since there is without any competition within this market, if you want to continue utilizing a carrier neutral service, you will end up forced to pay their ever-inflation.
The long run looks bright though. Weight loss colocation providers are looking into getting a direct fiber link to Seattle, they are going to soon have the ability to offer carrier neutral services throughout Canada. It will mean more competition, better service and minimize prices for your consumer.

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As parents are getting to be alert to the advantages of Ergo Baby carrier baby wearing, they have an inclination to seek the most beneficial baby carriers and slings. Baby is important, so parents need to make sure that baby contains the best baby carrier there's. And as the popularity of baby wearing increases, so does the development from the carriers which might be deemed the best.

So, which baby carrier or baby sling is usually the best? Your choices seem endless, and it also could well be unfair just to mention a brand. The net is roofed with articles and links and advertisements from companies claiming they've the very best baby carrier and the best baby sling. The reality with the matter is their baby carrier or baby sling could possibly the ideal, for a lot of parents and their babies. You have different needs on the subject of finding the optimum baby sling, or even the best baby carrier, and that we all come in many different sizes. Might know about will let you with here, should be to present you with a few guidelines on selecting the right ergo baby baby carrier or baby sling.

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