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Meet the Rising Stars: Megan Griffith

(December/January 2018) posted on Thu Dec 20, 2018

Megan Griffith makes philanthropy a part of all aspects of her life.

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By Kelsey Johnson

Megan Griffith
Art Director | P&M Apparel | Polk City, Iowa
Age: 34 | Years in the Industry: 6 full time

Philanthropic Work: Helped develop PM Impact, P&M’s give-back venture; started a community garden in her backyard that donates fresh produce to refugee organizations, homeless shelters, and food banks; has served as a licensed foster parent for three years, developing a foster care ministry and supply-lending closet at her church and creating an annual father-daughter dance fundraiser.


As a third-generation member of a family-owned business, Megan Griffith has been surrounded by ink, squeegees, and T-shirts for as long as she can remember. Griffith studied graphic design and graphic journalism at Grand View University and has worked as a designer for going on 12 years. Six years ago, Griffith joined the family business, P&M Apparel, as a full-time art director, encouraging everyone at the shop to think outside of the box and experimenting with specialty inks and processes. Her love of specialty printing is rivaled only by her passion for community building; Griffith was named 2017 Businessperson of the Year by the Polk City Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her efforts to promote local business and community. 

What drew you to joining the family business? 
My grandparents started P&M Apparel 32 years ago and my mother took over ownership seven years ago. While I have screen printed here off and on since I was 16 – I've been slinging ink, counting shirts, or hooping for embroidery machines as needed for the family business since I was a kid – I didn't have a lot of interest in joining the family business until about six years ago when several things fell in to place. I love coming in to work every day with opportunities to stretch as a creator and find new ways to help clients deliver their message. 


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