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MESA Offers DTG Xpress

(September 2006) posted on Fri Sep 08, 2006

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SWF/MESA Distributors, Ft. Worth, TX, now offers the DTG Xpress garment press. The Xpress features a piezo inkjet printhead and uses DTG-TEX water-based inks for garments and DTG-UNI ink for non-textile substrates. The Xpress can print 2880-dpi images onto cotton, cotton/poly-blend T-shirts, polo shirts, sport shirts, mouse pads, caps, sports bags, and more. Non-textile applications include wood, stainless-steel, metal, stone, ceramic, and acrylic substrates. MESA Distributors is located at 3134 Marquita Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76116, 817-560-4222, e-mail:, Web:


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