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Mobile Is the Message

(June 2010) posted on Mon May 24, 2010

Mobile tagging is an emerging solution that you can use to help your customers develop their brands and enable them to create a rich and robust experience for their end users.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

How can we leverage what we do in merchandising solutions to this growing market and grow our business? What kind of marriage needs to take place? Look at display advertising. In 2009 the market was worth more than $7 billion. According to Forrester’s, it will be more than $16 billion in 2014. Mobile Internet connects people to the social world, real time. They are heavily engaged with these devices, so why don’t you take those devices to another dimension to connect retailers to the social world while offering shoppers convenience on the fly? That’s where we’re taking it to help our customers become more successful with the brands they represent.

When I first look at it, I see outside of the store. You park the car. There might be a tag there that takes you to a store map instantly. You can download it to your phone before you go in the store. I see inside the store at the aisle or the shelf. I look at signage—aisle signage, products in the store, the shelves, the checkout for more information on other products.

I see usage at home as well. Think of the applications for retail. If you want to know what’s on sale today at the grocery store, you just hit the tag on a refrigerator magnet and all of the sales items come up from that link. All the grocery store does is change that link. It enhances the retail shopping experience, gives people what they want on the fly with information, and they can run with it. These are the types of things that have huge value for retail.


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