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New Directions in Vehicle Wraps

(May 2007) posted on Wed May 16, 2007

This article describes some of the popular applications that are promoting this growth and demonstrates that opportunities in vehicle graphics are far from exhausted.

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By Joel Ross

Without a doubt, vehicle wraps continue to grow in popularity and effectiveness and have become an important component in the mix of outdoor advertising media. The first wrap was created a bit more than a decade ago, turning an average city bus into a moving billboard. Since then, every type of vehicle has become fair game for wrapping with printed pressure-sensitive vinyl graphics. Not too long ago, we would say, if it can move, it can be wrapped. Now, if an item is an important personal expression of who you are or what you want to be and it has a smooth surface, it can and should be wrapped, whether it's an MP3 player, cell phone, sports gear, or other personal item.

This won't be the traditional "How to Create the Perfect Vehicle Wrap" article. This discussion is for those of you who ever wondered why or how vehicle graphics became so popular and asked what's next. We will look at the trends driving the explosive growth in vehicle wraps, the technology factors that enable the explosion, and what may be ahead.

Consumer demand

Fleet advertising (Figure 1) has long been established as an extremely powerful and cost-effective form of outdoor advertising—generating interest, curiosity, and results. National corporations, regional companies, and even single-vehicle operations have realized the benefits of utilizing pressure-sensitive vinyl graphics on their fleets. Printed vinyl provides the look of paint at a fraction of the cost, the ability to change the message and brand, and the high impact of large, full-color images.

The evolution of fleet advertising is leading to dynamic change and growth in the vehicle-wrap industry as wraps are becoming more accessible to individual consumers. And consumers are bringing their preferences and trends to the table when they make their wrap decisions. The key trends that are fueling the demand from consumers for wrapped vehicles follow:


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