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New Options in Wide-Format Inkjet Printing

(July 2007) posted on Mon Jul 09, 2007

This spring saw the launch of several new inkjet printing systems that are pushing the technology into new realms of speed and versatility. This overview details key features and capabilities of new solvent and UV inkjets that are well-suited for the

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The menu of high-performance wide-format inkjet printers continues to grow, and screen shops hungering for faster and more capable systems now have several new options to settle their appetites. The machines are tantalizing for a variety of reasons— throughput, media supported, functionality, affordability—and come from seven manufacturers with long track records in producing digital printing equipment. In all, these manufacturers have introduced ten new printer models, nine of which are discussed here. For information on the tenth system—the MacDermid Colorspan 5400uv—turn to the Product Update on page 10 of this issue.


Mimaki JV5 260S/320S

Mimaki entered the realm of superwide-inkjet manufacturers with the addition of two new models to its JV5 printer line: the JV5-260S with a 102-in. print width and the JV5-320S supporting print widths up to 128 in. Both are billed as machines that support high-quality, highspeed printing for extended periods.

The new printers feature a staggered array of four printheads and provide output resolutions ranging from 540 x 720 dpi to 1440 x 1440 dpi, determined by the print mode the user selects. They print in either four (CMYK) or six (CMYKLcLm) colors and can be used with ES3 lowsolvent inks or HS standard-solvent inks (one or the other, not both), which are available in double cartridges that contain 440 ml of ink.

The print speeds achievable with the machines are dependent on the number of colors being printed and the number of passes made in each print mode, which varies from four to 32 passes. In the fastest printing mode (four pass with four colors), the 260S achieves speeds of 581 sq ft/hr, while the 320S will output at 645 sq ft/hr.

To support near continuous printing, Mimaki has equipped both units with feed and take-up systems for heavy roll media that will support rolls weighing up to 220 lbs on the 260S and 285 lbs on the 320S. A special tensioning bar and winding device ensure that the media is fed to the printers under constant tension. The inkjets, which automatically detect media thickness and adjust printhead height, will print on substrates up to 0.04 in. thick. They also incorporate pre-, print-, and post-heating systems to optimize ink adhesion and durability. An available cutter will automatically sheet printed materials. Both models are driven with the Raster Link Pro II RIP.  


Mutoh Spitfire 65/90 Extreme


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