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New Options in Wide-Format Inkjet Printing

(July 2007) posted on Mon Jul 09, 2007

This spring saw the launch of several new inkjet printing systems that are pushing the technology into new realms of speed and versatility. This overview details key features and capabilities of new solvent and UV inkjets that are well-suited for the

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The Spitfire Extreme roll-fed inkjets from Mutoh are designated as mid-range, mild-solvent printers for the production of mediumdurability indoor/outdoor graphics. The line includes the Spitfire 65 Extreme for media up to 65 in. wide and the Spitfire 90 Extreme for 90-in.-wide substrates.

The piezo printheads in the Spitfire inkjets feature 360 nozzles per color and provide four resolution levels that range from 360 x 360 to 720 x 720 dpi. The systems have eight color channels, allowing users to run CMYK x 2 or CMYKLcLm configurations. The Spitfire mild-solvent inks are said to provide outdoor durability for up to three years. The inks come in 220- or 440-ml cartridges or 1- or 5-l bulk bottles.

Mutoh reports that the systems are capable of achieving print speeds in excess of 375 sq ft/hr, but notes that for high-quality signs and graphics, typical speeds fall in the 140- to 175-sq ft/hr range. To optimize print quality, Spitfire Extreme printers provide I2 Intelligent Interweaving print technology, which lays down ink in wave forms, rather than straight lines, to reduce banding, ink mottling, and bleeding, as well as hide the effects of misfiring nozzles.

Both models have automatic media-thickness sensors and adjust printhead height automatically. Maximum media thickness supported is 1.1 mm. The devices hold rolls weighing up to 220 lbs. The Spitfire Extreme inkjets are available with an Onyx or SAi RIP.



Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504

As part of its new wide-format digital printing initiative, Fujifilm Graphic Systems has unveiled several new printer models, including the Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504. The company describes the new CMYK UV inkjet as “the first value-based UV flatbed digital printer.”

At the heart of this system is a new technology using grayscale piezoelectric printheads (two per color) to produce variable dot sizes, from 6-42 picoliters. Reportedly, the printer will provide precise, 1200-dpi color images with 25% less ink than fixed-droplet, six-color inkjets. The variable dot size is said to produce images with smoother transitions in the quartertones and more uniform solidimage areas, for image quality comparable to that of a 1440-dpi print.


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