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New Technology Applications to Grow Your Business in 2012

(April 2012) posted on Tue Apr 03, 2012

How you can expand your printing capabilities in many ways and stay in touch with the latest trends.

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By Harel Ifhar

Wall coverings
Wall coverings provide an easy entry into the realm of interior décor. Like all of the signage applications described here, the designs can be produced using the Adobe Suite or a more customized solution for wall coverings. One Web-based product is available for license and allows customers to create wall coverings on the PSP’s website. PSPs may offer their customers an existing portfolio of images or the ability to upload their own. In the tool, customers can enter the exact dimensions of their rooms and design around windows, doors, light switches and other obstacles. The final design is then sent to the PSP for printing.
There are many media choices available for wall coverings, ranging from textiles like polyester or canvas to self-adhesive options to pre-pasted papers. The option you choose should be based on the cost per square foot required and the texture and look desired. One product is a PVC-free wall paper, a pre-pasted paper that is easy to apply with water and a sponge and equally simple to take down, as it peels off in a single sheet when water is added and residual paste washes away.
When reviewing your options for wall coverings, you’ll want to take into consideration end-user priorities. Choices are mold, mildew, and flame-resistant—all important specifications for a wall covering substrate. Certain solutions can also offer environmental or safety advantages, such as contributing to a building’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification points—a huge incentive to environmentally-minded architects and designers.
The majority of wall coverings today are printed using analog processes, such as screen printers. While this results in high-quality output, it does not allow for customization as it requires long runs to be cost effective. With the digital print processes now available, you can print custom wall coverings on demand, perhaps providing a retail customer with a wall covering that is easy and cost-effective to install and update as promotions change. You will likely want to use technologies that produce odorless output, such as latex inks, which also provide the quality and durability needed to withstand months or years on display at a close viewing distance.
One publisher taking the wall covering business to a whole new level is Joe Garcia, CEO and president of New Era Portfolio. New Era Portfolio is a large limited-edition fine art publisher, printmaker, and artisan framer, serving design professionals responsible for the selection and installation of art in commercial and hospitality projects. The ultimate, single-source art solution for all interior design projects, New Era Portfolio routinely consults with design clients, customizing, revising and modifying image-based products to meet even the tightest budgetary constraints. New Era Portfolio is dedicated to on-time delivery and exceptional quality. The company recently took its interior design offering to the next step by introducing custom-printed wall coverings.


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