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New Technology Applications to Grow Your Business in 2012

(April 2012) posted on Tue Apr 03, 2012

How you can expand your printing capabilities in many ways and stay in touch with the latest trends.

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By Harel Ifhar

Diversify and
avoid commoditization
One common thread among the most successful customers is the fact that they are constantly looking to differentiate themselves and expand their current capabilities. They take the act of providing printed output to the next level—whether that means printing jobs that others turn down because they seem imP-O-Ssible, printing on unique substrates or diversifying as marketing services providers who can advise clients on more than just print and bridge that digital gap.
Demonstrating a commitment to upholding environmental standards is also key for winning print jobs, especially when leading brands are seeking to implement sustainable practices across their business. PSPs who offer recycling options, like one company’s large-format media take-back program, and provide polypropylene substitutes to PVC are more competitive. These measures also help to strengthen customer relationships, retain and grow existing accounts and even win new business. Make no mistake, your customers are taking a closer look at their own commitment to the environment, which links to what they are sourcing from suppliers. If you can prove that you’re using printing technologies and substrates that reduce their impact on the environment then you’re already meeting the requirements of many customers.
Print buyers need help achieving their corporate objectives, whether improving the ROMI of advertising collateral or going green, and are looking for knowledgeable partners to offer consultative expertise that helps them reach these goals. Many PSPs are already P-O-Sitioning themselves as print service consultants, rather than order takers. They realize the need to work very closely with their customers to establish goals, advise where improvements can be made and provide new ideas to expand marketing activities or improve sustainability efforts. These PSPs quickly become valuable partners to their customers.

What does 2012 hold?
Building on the growth and transitions of the past year, 2012 promises to be a dynamic year for large-format printing. Large-format at drupa will be exciting, not only for small-format providers interested in adopting wider technologies to diversify offerings, but also for existing large-format PSPs looking to reach new customers and improve workflow. As we have witnessed in other industries, the cloud will change how many PSPs do business, allowing them to connect their customers directly to digital printing technologies. Manufacturers will respond by paying more attention to the overall printing process with new solutions to optimize workflow, while increasing productivity and efficiency.
The year 2012 also will mark strong growth in new applications falling outside the traditional realm of signage printing, some of which we have detailed here. Advertisers will look for output that cuts through the clutter and makes the biggest impact on their customers, while driving new, personalized pages and increasing print values with versioned output. And as brands move out of survival mode and strengthen their corporate social responsibility platforms, expect to see even more businesses taking a sustainable approach to large-format print sourcing as they look to place green requirements on their printing.
This is a year of great P-O-Ssibilities, particularly for PSPs willing to grow their offerings to make the most of today’s printing technologies.

Harel Ifhar is the director of marketing for HP Scitex.


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