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P-O-P Primer

(February 2013) posted on Tue Mar 26, 2013

This discussion centers on forward-looking best practices for producing effective P-O-P campaigns and examines the value of forging valuable partnerships with customers and suppliers.

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By Dan Pratt

New strategies and opportunities abound for creating more educational and interactive categories through end-cap promotions. When retailers and consumer-product-good companies work together, the result exceeds consumer expectations and inspires them at the point of purchase.

An example of collaboration
Lowe’s U.S. is one of Pratt’s long-standing partners. The company’s Merchandising and Store Environment teams commissioned our Shopper P-O-P division to execute print manufacturing, product assembly, and custom kit-packing for their Tool World Kobalt promotional end-cap program (Figures 1A-1D). The program is part of an integrated technology component and features Kobalt tools with supporting temporary P-O-P fixtures and graphics. The fixture and technology components had to be shelf-ready upon arrival to the stores, and the turnaround timeline was aggressive.

A variety of services and prototype solutions were commissioned so Lowe’s might assess the print quality and integrity of the temporary P-O-P fixtures prior to distribution. Upon final approval, we created custom pack teams to manage quality control, product testing, and full assembly of the store’s specific display units. The program included screen printing, custom carton design, custom pack teams to manage store-specific pack-out, product consolidation, and shipping to Lowe’s retail stores throughout the U.S.

The intent of Lowe’s U.S. featuring this Tool World Kobalt promotional end cap was to connect with their consumers in a new way by drawing them seamlessly to the products and then allowing hands-on interaction to test the product in its actual application. This end-cap experience embodies the unique attributes that are still driving consumers into brick-and-mortar stores for a more meaningful and interactive shopping encounter.

End-in-mind design
Some P-O-P programs or product launches require creative, graphic-design, or product-engineering capabilities. Other programs have already been designed or specified. Either way, end-in-mind designs create lasting connections with shoppers.

For example, Festool’s product marketing commissioned Pratt’s Retail Studio to develop a graphic-communications program featuring their Planex Drywall tool and accessories product with end-in-mind solutions (Figure 2). Our creative team assisted in design, product-material specifications, hardware solutions, and merchandise planogramming. The display’s design fitment required a seamless graphic integration, maximizing Festool’s product design, packaging; brand key features, and their target consumer.


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