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Rebirth of the Screen-Printed Concert Poster

(February 2005) posted on Mon Feb 14, 2005

Read on to find out how a new generation of designers and printers have taken concert posters from the promotional realm into the world of collectible fine art.

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By Andy MacDougall

When you get to know some of today's gigposter artists, you realize many of them have day jobs. Interestingly, lots of the part-time printers I met are mainstream graphic designers, some of whom feed jobs to commercial screen printers on behalf of their Fortune 500 clients. These artists not only know how to design for screen printing, but they also promote it over other methods. By clearly illustrating screen printing's potential in their work and inspiring others to become interested in the process, gigposter artists are helping to keep screen printing in the forefront of imaging techniques.

Author's note: Thanks to Paul Grushkin, co-author of the Art of Modern Rock, for background information on the rock-poster movement and Dan Springer for providing the "Johnny Gigposter" illustration.

About the author

Andy MacDougall operates a screen-printing studio in the Canadian city of Courtenay, British Columbia. From a start as a printer's apprentice his background grew to include positions as a marketing and sales director for a multinational graphic-equipment manufacturer and a printing-business owner. His current focus includes printing limited-edition art, developing low-toxicity print practices and techniques, conducting workshops and training seminars, and consulting for manufacturers. Visit him online at

Online resources

If you can't make it to Flatstock, visit the following Websites to find out more about the art and the artists behind the gigposter movement. Featuring 'Poster of the week' and new submissions from around the world daily, this is a good place to start. Also has direct links to more than 3000 individual artists. View some of the more than 1800 posters by 375 of the world's top artists, from Bosnia to Boston, in this heavyweight, full-color art book. Available through major booksellers nationwide. The API is an association for professional artists, printers, and supporters. It organizes the Flatstock events and provides information, product reviews, and peer support (legal, technical, suppliers) for its growing membership.


Artists and print shops featured in this article

Leia Bell Salt Lake City, UT

Andy Stern Portland, OR

Brian Taylor Seattle, WA

Geoff Peveto Austin, TX

Michael Hammond Pasadena, CA

Steve Horvath Seattle, WA

Jeff Woods and Judy Gex Commerce, GA

Gary Houston Portland, OR

Frank Kozik San Francisco, CA


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