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Scoring More Sales With Specialty Garment Decorating

(November 2008) posted on Thu Nov 06, 2008

Want to broaden the array of decorating options you can offer your customers? Then check out the collection of specialty decorating technologies discussed here and find out how you can use them to expand your bottom line.

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By Henry Bernstein

There’s no better way to inspire customer loyalty and attract new business than setting your business apart from your competitors. This age-old challenge is what has driven garment screen printers since their first day of business.

Specialty apparel-decorating techniques are one proven way that you can offer something that your competitors do not. One of the nice things about some of the techniques we’ll consider in this article is that they offer screen printers a way to take designs they do every day, like a plain vanilla corporate logo, and give it a fashion flair as seen on apparel sold by the most popular retailers in any mall. As corporations strive to capture attention with their identity apparel, a new fashion look can ensure more people want and wear the shirts.

Some of the following techniques also may allow a shop to go after new markets, which is a great way to increase business and generate more profits. A big trend in the retail and resort markets, as well as with younger demographics, is glitz, glitter, and bling. Many specialty decorating techniques offer screen printers a chance to attract business from these groups and many others. Let’s take a look at several techniques that can bring new opportunities to your shop.


Laser bridge technology

With the emergence of laser bridge technology, decorators will find all kinds of ways to make a bold statement or add a little fashion to designs. Examples include the distressed appliqué look made popular by retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. Other possibilities include intricate designs, detailed appliqués, and reverse appliqués that can be done in an unlimited number of fabric choices to excite the customer’s senses.

With the capability to do laser cutting and etching, a laser bridge system offers the ability to combine techniques and create unique pieces with dramatic appeal. A laser bridge allows a shop to broaden the variety of apparel embellishments it can provide and use them in tandem with current formats for an explosion of multimedia designs.


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