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Screen Printing Goes Boom

(April 2011) posted on Tue Apr 12, 2011

This article demonstrates the importance of broadening your skill sets and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

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By Ryan Moor

He explained that the studio where he works had a project that needed one color printed on larger prints with five or six different designs totaling 10-12 pieces each. I knew what he was asking was possible and, although not easy, it could certainly be done. I offered to check with several Ryonet customers about getting the work printed for him. This is when Tyler revealed the real source of his desperation: “We’ve already called several printers. No one is willing to take on the job because it is more complicated and we need the finished product first thing Monday morning.”

Seeing as it was already late afternoon on Friday, I agreed that finding anyone to take this on would be next to impossible; there just weren’t enough hours left in the day. Then came his request: “That is why I was really calling. Do you think you could do it?” I thought, “Well, there goes my Sunday night,” and I decided to ask what client the job was for and if the budget had been established. It turned out that the campaign was for Nike and the working budget was $50-60 per print, including glass. I quickly decided that, yes, I would help Tyler out and that this was absolutely a job I wanted. It seemed like it would be a great learning experience and a strong highlight for the company’s printing resume. How hard could it really be? And BOOM! Just like that, I found myself involved in something really big and new.


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