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Spray Adhesives and Screen Cleaners

(November 2011) posted on Tue Nov 08, 2011


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RhinoTech's ( RhinoClean Green² product group features RhinoBond RBA2 Adhesive Mist, RhinoBond RBA3 Adhesive Web, SO100 Screen Opener, and RhinoClean SO105 Screen Opener. RhinoTech describes RhinoBond RBA2 Adhesive Mist as a pressure-sensitive, environmentally responsive formula that offers many uses per application, is repositionable, and retains strength. It is formulated to retain tack over numerous screen passes and bond a variety of materials without transferring to the fabric. According to RhinoTech, RhinoBond RBA3 Adhesive Web is repositionable, yet strong enough to hold sweatshirt material. SO100 Screen Opener is a biodegradable screen cleaner that acts as a screen opener for water-based inks. RhinoClean SO105 Screen Opener is a biodegradable product that, as RhinoTech puts it, helps to prevent clogging and work delays by opening dried-up areas on the screen when used regularly. RhinoTech reports that SO105 is compatible with all types of screen printing inks and flashes off of the screen rapidly without leaving a film residue.


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