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The Premier Digital Glossary

(December 1999) posted on Thu Dec 16, 1999

A comprehensive digital dictionary with terms from sign and related industries

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Media: Another term for substrate. Common inkjet printers generally require media that have special topcoats to achieve proper adhesion and proper drying characteristics.

Modem: A device that transfers computer information across telephone lines. A modem will work with various types of communications software.

Network: A group of computers interconnected by hardware and software.

Overlaminate: A protective clear film that extends an image's outdoor life and enhances its visual quality.

Panel: Also called a tile. A division of a job based on a device's production area.

Peripheral equipment: This term refers to external input or export devices that are physically not part of a computer's housing. Examples include printers, scanners, external drives, modems, monitors, etc.

Piezo-electric: An inkjet printing technology that uses a mechanical-electric charge instead of heat to drive microdroplets through the nozzle.

Pixel: The smallest unit of data in a digital image. Together, the small discrete elements constitute an image that can be seen on a monitor or printed on a substrate. A pixel's code contains information relating to color, tone and placement within the larger image.

Plotter: A term that refers to the CAD origins of wide-format printers. A printer, so to speak, that graphs computer output.

Plug-and-play: A given computer system or peripheral device that is ready to use upon its removal from the box.

Port: An outlet or connection location on a computer which allows a peripheral device to operate. A communications port (COM port) allows the modem to operate, and a local port (LPT) enables the printer to operate.

PostScript®: An Adobe programming language that enables text and graphic images to be output from different devices with consistent and predictable results.

PPI (pixels per inch): A measurement of resolution. A pixel is a unit of data that should not be confused with dpi (dots per inch) or lpi (lines per inch). If there are more pixels per inch, the image will be sharper.

Prepress: Prepress is the process of preparing artwork, film and screens for conventional printing methods.

Printer/cutter: Three new style inkjet print-and-cut machines made by (1) Roland Digital Group, (2) Western Graphtec and ENCAD, (3) Summagraphics and CalComp Technologies.

Proprietary: Materials or software designed for use with one specific machine.

Reboot: The process of turning a computer system or printer off and then back on again, to reload the software.


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