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Using Wide-Format Digital to Grow in a Maturing Market

(March 2007) posted on Tue May 08, 2007

Explore ways in which digital imaging can broaden a shop's service offerings and help generate new revenue.

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By Tim Greene

The first way to grow is to grow the overall market. While this may seem like a boil-the-ocean request, it really means that you may be thinking "this is how many dollars are out there for my type of printing services." But what about other types of printing? Here is where wide-format digital printing can really be a strategic advantage, because with some of the advanced capabilities of the latest generation of equipment and supplies, the range of applications that can be produced is incredible. When you think of some of the applications, like vehicle wraps, building wraps, floor graphics, and window graphics—all of which can now easily be produced—it does expand the over-all market.

This is also where, once you have acquired a wide-format digital printer, you can influence the overall market with your advertising and marketing budget. This may mean something as simple as developing a targeted marketing campaign for some local businesses. Think about what those companies may need, develop a portfolio of the types of capabilities you have, and send it to businesses in your area. Remember, though, that end users care a lot less about how fast or wide your equipment is and a lot more about how the services you provide can help their business.

Sell more

Okay, say that you think the overall market is growing about as fast as it could, but you still are not reaching your growth goals. Another way to grow faster is to simply sell more. That sounds so silly as I write it, because obviously everybody wants this, but how do you do it?


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