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What Is Influencer Marketing?

(August/September 2016) posted on Thu Sep 22, 2016

Cultivating the right relationships can help you grow in exponential ways.

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By Ross Yamashita

1. You use authority to your advantage. The issue many people have is they have been trained to sell strictly to end users. If you’re talking to a potential customer, you expect them to buy something from you.

You need to erase this way of thinking. The truth is, I’ve never had any of my influencers buy from me for their own companies. Remember, because they are looked upon as the “authority,” they have the ability to influence other people’s buying decisions.

Closing one client means you only get business from that company. When you close an influencer, you now have the ability to close multiple clients through just one relationship. What if you had a network of 10 influencers all using their credibility to promote your business?

2. You don’t have to compete on price. The second, and probably most attractive, benefit of influencer marketing is you typically don’t have to haggle. We’ve all been there when it comes to quoting someone and knowing that they’re shopping around with two or three other printers in our area along with some national companies. Often, those sales turn into a question of how low you can go.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the job without having to continuously slash prices? With influencer marketing, you can.

Many companies who employ public relations and marketing firms rely on them to take care of the logistics and have the connections to handle everything. Whether they want to host an event or have their employees participate in a corporate challenge, the company relies on their outside marketing firm to take care of a lot of the details, including custom apparel. The client doesn’t want to be bothered with getting three quotes from three different companies; they just want to know it’s being handled.

If you have a working relationship with this type of influencer, oftentimes you will simply get the job without competing with anyone else or haggling over price – provided you do your part and provide a great product, competitive pricing, and excellent service to the influencer every time.


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