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Words of Warning: A Look Inside Electromark

(July 2007) posted on Tue Jul 10, 2007

Electromark is a comany that made its name by capitalizing on an extremely important segment of the printing industry. Find out how the production of safety-related labels and signage propelled the company to prosperity.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

“We migrated from power washers to a couple of standalone Dane units seven years ago,” says Ed Beck, Electromark’s plant manager. “They picked up the bulk of the ink and stripped emulsion. That was the extent of our automated washing at the time. But with the Dane automatic inline system, we put in a soil-ed screen and end up with one ready to go back to press without having to touch it in the meantime.”

The breadth of product with which Electromark is involved, a small sampling of which is shown in Figure 2, requires the company to operate an extensive array of production and finishing equipment. Among the standouts in the company’s collection of presses, some of which are shown in Figure 3, are a SIAS semiautomatic, a total of nine Saturn and Renegade systems from M&R, a four-color/eight-station M&R Insignia carousel graphics press, and a three-color, roll-to-roll SMAG press that also handles laminating, diecutting, and waste stripping. The shop also uses thermal-transfer printers from Gerber and Markem, a wide-format inkjet printer from HP, and a fleet of hot-stamping systems. Electromark operates a lot of drying and curing lines to accommodate those printing machines, including a monster of a hot-air dryer from Interchange Equipment that measures 76 in. wide x 78 ft long. Beck explains that the Interchange dryer allows Electromark to dry prints created with conventional inks and those to which baked enamels are applied.

Beyond the assortment of presses are porcelain kilns, routers, slitters, eyeletters, stitching machines, diecutting systems, laminators, QUV testers, and much more. Markings that are completed in this area are found in numerous end locations. Electromark’s products for electrical transfer and electric utility transmission and distribution are applied at substations, on overhead lines, underground, on meters and other types of related equipment, and many other places. Electromark also provides marking solutions in this market for lighting, gas and water, lockout-tagout programs, vehicles and personnel, security, and safety. Products for power generation include markings for pipes and valves, labels for calibration, architectural signage, radiation warnings, and badges and other security products. Finally, markings for telecommunications are produced for pedestals, buried lines, poles, cables, and more.


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