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an inovative discharging chemical

Posted on Tue, 18 Feb 2003 at 11:36

I was going thru a section on discharge printing where in the author of the article had listed some of the commonly faced problems while using the conventional discharging products like zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate and sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate. I have developed and successfully marketed a product which totally eliminates these problems. I have listed out these problems and the benefits of using my product.

1 Zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate(ZFS). My product is totally devoid of ZFS. The health hazards posed by zfs are totally eliminated.
2 Formaldehyde. There is no free formaldehyde in this product. So there is no liberation of carcinogenic gases.
3 Odour. Very minimal compared to conventional products.
4 Stability. This is a major problem faced by people using ZFS. Normally printing paste made with ZFS lasts only for about 8 to 9 hours. My product has been tested to be stable till 200 hours even when mixed in the printing paste. So wastages of the printing paste are totally eliminated. The shelf life of the product has been tested effectively for 6 months. Generally with ZFS made paste what happens is that there is a major difference in the color tone of the paste as time elapses. For example as soon as the paste is made and used immediatly the color tone will be bright but as time elapses (couple of hours) the paste detoriates and the tone gets varied. My product has been tested to give the same tone for atleast 200 hours.
5 Softeness. When used ZFS forms a layer of zinc oxide on the cloth. This gives the cloth a hard feel. Since my product does not have ZFS the cloth retains its original feel.
6 Smell. Normally zfs leaves a pungent smell on the cloth. My product has no such problems. The product in its own has no smell
7 Shelf Life & Storage. Zfs being a strong oxidizing agent and highly unstable starts oxidizing as soon as the drum is opened and the material comes in contact with air. This affects the printing result so utmost care has to be taken to store it. My product is very stable and even if left open for a long period does not have any adverse effect during printing.
8 Solubility. ZFS & SFS are not highly soluble and at times steaming is required to make it soluble. My product being in liquid form does not require any steaming and is easily soluble.
9 Price. Cheap compared to ZFS.

If at all anyone is intrested in using or selling the above product please feel free to contact me on my email address.

Satish Mishra

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