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NEW Innovation in Automated Screen Printing Presses

Posted on Mon, 5 Dec 2005 at 22:59

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We feature our brand new innovative inline automated screen printing presses. On average taking up 50% less space than its rotary competitors without losing print speed or print quality. Featuring models ranging from 6-56 colors you will surely find the press that fits your printing needs and available space.

With over 25 years of screen printing equipment design and innovation Autobahn Inline Screen Printing Equipment, Inc is proud to introduce the first Inline automated screen printing press. Our "Inline Double Decker" will fit any textile printing needs your shop may require. With innovations such as simultaneous flash while printing without sacrificing a printhead to the flash you will find "simulated process" or base coats for black shirts you will drastically increase your print output.

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-Darek S.
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Autobahn Inline Screen Printing Equipment,Inc

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