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Photoluminescent pigment and its application

Posted on Wed, 23 Feb 2005 at 8:26

We, Lightleader Co., Ltd is a company dedicated in research, development, production, and sales of new types of photoluminescent products.

These photoluminescent products are new types of long afterglow photoluminescent products based on alkaline earth aluminates or silicates activated by rare earth ions. Free from any radioactive substance and toxicity and with strong capability of absorbing-storing-emitting light, the photoluminescent products can glow in the dark for more than 12 hours automatically after absorbing varieties of visible lights for 10-20 minutes.


Good quality:

seeing is believing. You can see and test our quality by your own.

Best price:

at the same quality level, our price is much lower than other suppliers.

Lighteader can offer 5 series of photoluminescent pigment ---- yellow-green, blue-green, blue,violet and red photoluminescent pigment, which are sorted by their "night glowing".

Lighteader can offer 8 series of phosphorescent plastic masterbatch, which are ABS, AS, PC, PS, PE, PP, PET, PVC. Each of them has 3 kinds of content ----25%, 20% and 15%.

Lighteader can offer 2 series of luminous yarns----PET photoluminescent fiber: 75D/18F,150D/36F(FDY, DTY) polyester filament yarns in 5 colors and 1.5D*38MM polyester staple fibers in white color;PP photoluminescent fiber:150D/72F(FDY), 500D/120F(UDY), 900D/120F(UDY) polypropylene filament yarns in 5 colors.

Lighteader can offer 2 series of glow stickers----PVC based and PET based.

If you need more information, please email or fax to us.

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