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Screen printing training class, PA Dec. 04

Posted on Thu, 18 Nov 2004 at 1:07

Vastex hosted intensive three day class with instructor Douglas Grigar (December 10,11,12)

You can save thousands in time, supplies and money your competitors consumed during their learning period. Professional training will get your shop up and running in less than half the time it takes to master just one needed task.

With presentation and hands on training you will experience in this class...

1. Techniques and procedures for screen preparation including: coating, screen retensioning, exposure control, and emulsion choices.

2. Techniques and procedures for Print Operations like: mesh selection, process and simulated process techniques, numbering, trouble shooting, curing, flashing, and inks.

3. Techniques and procedures for screen cleaning including: chemical and product selection, screen reclaiming and preparation, Drying, contamination issues, and emergency procedures.

We can provide you with the choice to have this training ON SITE or in this classroom setting. Registration is simple just call (toll-free) 800-482-7839 to check availability and register.

The class will be hosted by Vastex at the factory location in Allentown, PA.

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