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Selling, what, where, when?

Posted on Thu, 18 Nov 2004 at 4:58

Knock on the door: You have heard, "You need to talk to Joe however he is in a staff meeting, leave your card, I'll see that he gets it. You never hear from Joe.

Phone for appointment: You have heard, "You have reached the office of Joe, however he is away from his desk, leave a message at the beep and Joe will return your call. Joe never calls.

Mail a Brochure: You have done this, marked it attention, Joe. You follow up with a phone call to see if Joe received the brochure, Joe is still away from his desk, You knock on the door again and Joe is still in a meeting. I'm running in circles.

Question: Can anyone tell me how to get to Joe??? Oh yess, I have tried e-mail but still no Joe. Can you tell me how you get to Joe?


Location of Opportunity or Item

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