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Posted on Thu, 6 May 2004 at 19:49

Why should you bother about this NEW screenmaking technology?

For those who wanted to cut down the cost of film separation....
For those who did not own or unaffordable to purchase computer scanner and color separation software.....
For those who want to screen-print beautiful and super-realistic photo images on dark or white shirts like pro's or we call you the SKREENER MASTER......
For those who want to screen-print a high quality high-end T-Shirt effects ....
For those who BELIEVE in the power of HUMAN INTELLIGENT is more better than a computer.....
For those who trust with NEW TECHNOLOGY is exist and available by an inventor.....
For those who recognise Walt Disney (Disneyland), George Lucas (STAR WARS), Scott Fresener (FASTFILM), Enzo Ferrari ( FERRARI SUPERCAR ), Michael Jackson (KING OF PERFORMANCE ), BILL GATES ( MICROSOFT ).
fOR ALL SCREEN-PRINTERs who want/wish to learn the new technology in INSTANT and DIRECT color separation on emulsion coated screen stencils by using only a single piece of HALFTONE printing film.
For ALL SCREEN-PRINTER who want to learn and to believe with the NEW TECHNOLOGY invented by AMER SUREALY ( ONE-FILM ). One day you may say Amer Surealy is the genius person and the adopt son of SCOTT FRESENER in the field of color separation and screen making .....the NEW technolgy.
The question is WHY...WHY....WHY....?

THE ANSWER IS ...... Amer Surealy is just a human being ( nOt a computer ) who're capable to separate colors INSTANTLY on emulsion coated screen stencils by using a single piece of HALFTONE film where he/you're capable to screen-print colorful super-realistic images of your artwork or photo on dark or light shirts.....easily as "magic" without the assistance of computer color scanner and software..!!!!!! WHAT?

Without the assistance of computer color scanner or software ???????????
What happen if it is REAL? Do you want to switch to this NEW TECHNOLOGY invented by the SKREENER MASTER - Amer Surealy ? Do you want to be the SKREENER MASTER , too ? Before that, you need to be the SKREENER APPRENTICE and learn the way from the SKREENER MASTER. Than we can honour and award you with the SKREENER MASTER Training Certificate , the TOP GUN SCREEN-PRINTING TEAM in the universe.

From the writer and the creator of T-SHIRT WARS (Trade Mark) (The 7 Episodes sci-fic-myth movies saga : 2008 - 2028 ) Copyright AMERFILM and LUCASFILM LTD...and the inventor of ONE-FILM instant and direct screen stencils making technology......

You can e-mail to for more info and to learn the skills of SKREENER MASTER in the real world of NEW TECHNOLOGY (T-Shirt screen-printing machineries , screen-making technique and advance screen-printing).

Thank you for your kind attention.



International Marketing Director

for ONE-FILM Direct & Instant Screen Making Technology.

TEL : 603 - 9287 6097
FAX : 603 - 9287 6216
Mobile : 016 - 3643977
e-mail :
website : ( under construction ).
HQ : Petronas Twin Tower Building.

Official mailing address :P.O.BOX 12049, 50670 KUALA LUMPUR.MALAYSIA

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Anonymous says: please send us more information on your new screen printing tecniques best regards posted on: Sat, 06/19/2004 - 8:55pm
Anonymous says: This is a business of deception. Advertise only fantasies and steal people's money. posted on: Wed, 08/11/2004 - 11:40pm

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