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Posted on Thu, 6 May 2004 at 18:30

NOBODY BELIEVE.....NO ONE BELIEVE...NOT any of screen printer in this world believe that a single piece of halftone film could separate colors INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on emulsion coated screen stencils.WHY....? Because nobody ever think of these new simple technique and screen color separation and making process.

This is a NEW invention by an INVENTOR for the screen printng industry especially in the T-Shirt screen-printing business. It also works for stickers screen-print and posters,too.

FASTFILM is a FASTFILM with a component of more than a piece of film to separate colors with the assistance of computer software and color scanner.

But, the new technique .....ONE-FILM is a component of just one, a single piece of halftone film to separate colors INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on emulsion coated screen stencils. Your EYES is the color scanner. The LIGHT-EXPOSURE is the color separator.

Somebody please take note and you can contact us for the live demo.....and you would believe it. It cost you to view the demo and learn this new technology.

Andrew Richmore at

Location of Opportunity or Item


Anonymous says: Dear T-SHIRT Screen Printers ( And others material,too.), I would like to express my deepest sincerety that we did not meant to compete with our very respectable world known inventor of FASTFILMS, Mr. ...

Dear T-SHIRT Screen Printers ( And others material,too.),

I would like to express my deepest sincerety that we did not meant to compete with our very respectable world known inventor of FASTFILMS, Mr. Scott FRESENER. Infact, Mr Amer Surealy say that Scott Fresener is his "Father of T-Shirt Printing" and he ( Mr. Amer Surealy ) is as the adopt son of Scott Fresener. Mr. Amer Surealy use to mail order Fresener's bible book of "how to print T-Shirt for fun and profit" back in the early year of 1989. But, Mr Amer Surealy did not satisfied with the book that he had read (1989) because there ain't any articles about how to create halftone color separation for darkshirts printing. Since that, Mr.Amer began doing his very own experiment to do halftone color separation and screen making.

The history began back in the year 1996 when Scott Fresener went to Singapore for a visit to meet his client, Mr. John of SCREENTECH PTE LTD. Our ONE-FILM Technology inventor, Mr. Amer Surealy suppose to meet Mr. Fresener at Singapore for a short meeting as to present him the ONE-FILM screen printing technique.But, Mr Amer Surealy was in Langkawi Island and could not catch-up his time to meet Mr. Fresener in Singapore.

So, our ONE-FILM inventor , Mr Amer Surealy develope and refine his new INSTANT and DIRECT color separation screen stencils making technique by himself. The truth, until today Mr. Amer Surealy never had any chances to use the FASTFILMS software in his entire life. Mr. Amer Surealy create the ONE-FILM Technique through thousand of dollars worth of screen color separation experiments done by himself in his studio -Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia. Until one late evening, Mr. Amer had succesfully found the right way to create the ONE-FILM technique ......accidentally, during his screen making experiment. That was happen in the year 1994.

If you're interested to learn more about ONE-FILM Instant and Direct Color Separation Screen Stencils making technique, you can read more the articles on the other pages. It's totally different from what our great inventor of FASTFILM , Mr.Scott Fresener has develope. Mr. Fresener develope the FASTFILM software for a combination with computer color scanner and inkjet printer for film output. This is for screen-printers who own the computer, scanner and inkjet printer.

But for those of you T-Shirt screen printers who did not own a computer, a color scanner or an inkjet printer to do halftone color separation printing films............
but you still can do the color separation DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY on your ready emulsion coated screen stencils with the usage of just a piece of halftone printing film! This low cost and economy method, technique and process......we call the ONE-FILM color separation and screen making technology.You'll use your eyes as the color reading and separation.You'll use our specially made Magic EXPOSURE-LITE and Magic Photo Emulsion ....... PLUS world's most simplest device ......the Magic ONE-FILM (A single piece ) to separate color INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on your emulsion coated screen stencils...!!!!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT ? IT WORKS in Malaysia since 1994 by the ONE-FILM inventor and founder, Mr Amer Surealy.

Read more on the other column of how to learn, how to purchase the economy device and tools for this entire LIFE-TIME and ONE-TIME fee home-base training courses. We'll teach and show you the ONE-FILM technique from zero knowledge until you become a great T-Shirt screen printer @ The SKREENER MASTER.

Human intelligent in doing INSTANT and DIRECT color separation manually for you to screen-print beautiful color photo image on dark and light shirts/stickers/posters/etc.

posted on: Fri, 05/07/2004 - 7:12am
Anonymous says: Dear beginners, amateurs, pro's, experts T-Shirt Screen Printers, You can learn the ONE-FILM : INSTANT and DIRECT color separation on emulsion coated screen stencils in your own home and workshop easily ...

Dear beginners, amateurs, pro's, experts T-Shirt Screen Printers,

You can learn the ONE-FILM : INSTANT and DIRECT color separation on emulsion coated screen stencils in your own home and workshop easily through our ONE-TIME fee and LIFE-TIME home base learning/training courses.Your ONE-TIME and LIFE-TIME investment is cost at USD880.00 only. But you can earn a profit return of almost USD100,000.00 within one or two years in T-Shirt screen printing business.

You can screen-print beautifully and sure-realistic colourful photo images of your favorite people, animals, flowers, trees, sceneries, objects, etc., on dark and light shirts easily once you have learn this very easy technique. If you're an artist, this would be your most amazing work of artistic color separation system. Only you could ever imagine what else to screen-print on your blank shirts. This technique is slightly different from serigraphic screen-printing process but you can combine your creative technique with ONE-FILM screen color separation process,too.

You can show your finish screen-printing work to others and ask them with a BIG WIDE SMILE whether they can do the printing like you did with just ONE PIECE of photo images halftone film to separate colors INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on screen stencils. No computer color scanner, no film inkjet printer ! This is a work for SKREENER MASTER! Not by a beginner, not by an amateur, not by a pro, not even by an expert ! But you will be the SKREENER MASTER. You are the SKREENER MASTER. The Best Top Squeegee Screen Printer in the UNIVERSE..!!

This training courses are inclusive with this ECONOMY specially design knock-down and easy assemble T-Shirt Printer, color separation device and screen exposure equipment, plus the neccessary items shipped in one complete packages. We create the knock-down equipment for you, so you can move the equipment from one location to another new locations easily, just to operate your small scale business investment with HUGE Profit! The only other things you need to buy from your nearest supplier is blank T-Shirts and a spot cure heater.You did not need to have a computer PC, color bed scanner and inkjet printer to work with our world's most economy ONE-FILM color separation system.

This are the lists of the complete tools and equipment shipped to you :

1. 1 kg of Magic Photo Image Emulsion with a bottle of sensitizer.
2. 1 liter of Emulsion Cleaning liquid.
3. 10 cups of basic plastisol ink colors.
4. 10 unit ink mixing cups.
5. 5 unit aluminium ink-mixing spatula.
6. 6 unit 18" x 20" stretched aluminium 90T screen frames.
7. 1 unit 12" squeegee.
8. 5 unit screen retouching brush-card.
9. 1 unit 14" emulsion coater.
10. A pair of Perfek-Regi Twin-Platen 16" X 18" T-Shirt Platen with floor stand.
11. A unit of 3 in 1 color separation and screen making equipment:
- 6 slots screen frames dryer, Perfek-Regi screen exposer & screen retouching-lite,
12. 1 pc. ready to expose halftone dot-screen photo image SAMPLE film A4 size.
13. 3 pcs. of INSTANT and DIRECT Photo Color Separator Magic Film A3 size.
14. A step by step SKREENER MASTER Home-Base Training Guide Book + color photo.
15. 2 pcs. of full color photo image sample print on 100% dark and light garment clothes of the above provided A4 size SAMPLE film.

You can order the Magic Photo Image Emulsion additional at the price of USD20.00 per kg. The emulsion is a non flammable material and are safe to shipped by UPS/DHL air parcel. The Emulsion Cleaning liquid is available through your local supplier near you.

The postage cost for the shipment of ONE-FILM equipment packages to your address are arrange and paid by customers to your nearest UPS/DHL courier.


Beside the ONE-FILM : INSTANT color separation & DIRECT screen making Technology,
we are under development of producing and in the making of another greatest sci-fi fantasy and myth of 7 episodes movie saga,too. Entitled as "T-SHIRT WARS" , it is schedule to be screening in theatres worldwide beginning in the year 2008 for the first episode and the last episode by the year 2028. This is a partnership movie production project between AMERFILM and LUCASFILM LTD. The imaginative writer, designer creator and to be director for "T-SHIRT WARS" movie is our great inventor, Mr. Amer Surealy.The shooting location would be done in our multi-million dollar movie studio facility base in Langkawi Island, Malaysia and pre-production in United States,too.

The Imaginative World of Amer Surealy @ AMERLAND and T-SHIRT WARS WORLD, is another multi-million dollar futuristic theme park and resort attraction schedule to be open in Langkawi Island after the screening of the first episode of "T-SHIRT WARS" movie by the year 2008. Worldwide Fans of "T-SHIRT WARS" would have a chance to visit this futuristic theme park and you would be able to view all the unimaginable creation of futuristic T-Shirt screen printing presses, machineries, TEE fightercraft, TEE mothership,TEE Troopers, TEE-DROID , weapons and the whole world of T-SHIRT artifacts, gallery and museum as seen in the movies. It is not just a computer generated digital images as seen in the movies but it is a real equipment create and invented by our creative designers from multi-racial background and countries.
We're in the process of building our website for all the fans to visit, especially for those who want to be the SKREENER APPRENTICE and SKREENER MASTER, the TOP Screeners in the Universe ........... like my adopt father too.


(Created by Amer Surealy and dedicated to the highly respected Scott Fresener of FASTFILMS and George Lucas of STAR WARS)

posted on: Fri, 05/07/2004 - 10:01am
Anonymous says: Fans who really want to get know with our creative and great T-SHIRT MASTER, Mr. Amer Surealy. He is an orphan who use to live and work on his own. He's a very creative and genious person born on the ...

Fans who really want to get know with our creative and great T-SHIRT MASTER, Mr. Amer Surealy. He is an orphan who use to live and work on his own. He's a very creative and genious person born on the month of April 28th, 1965 in Borneo Island. ( Sabah state, Malaysia ).His birth date are similar to the Lamborghini founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini. The man who are famous with Lamborghini supercar design by Stanzini and Giugiaro from Italy. Amer Surealy is a mix-races person of Chinese Thai + Malay with a spirit of American Dream and Idol.

His late father was originally from Thailand and live in Kelantan state, than he travel and live in Borneo. His late father married with his late mother originally from Perak states in Malaysia. During his father past life, his father use to work in many related fields as a journalist, newspaper editor, comic artists, oil painter, movie poster painter, writer, theater actor, publishers, novelist, judge for local cultural arts and drama,too. His father pass-away at the age of 77 in 1998 at his finale reside hometown , Kelantan state.

His late mother was originally born in Kuala Kangsar District, Perak State-Malaysia. His late mother work as a primary school teacher in Perak and than she move to Borneo, Sabah state with his late father.There, she work as a school teacher,too. His late mother pass-away in 1971. Amer Surealy was only 6 years old when his mother pass away at her 30's.

Amer Surealy graduated his college in 1982. Believe me, he never want to study in local or overseas University! During his school days, he is a very active student in Arts and in a Boy Scout movement as a Troop Leader . He like to do experiment of almost anything during his school days. He is a great fan of Sir Walter Disney and George Lucas. He use to won the first place category among 500 contestant in local Malaysia's level science fiction drawing competition organise by McDonalds in 1986. He use to work as a freelance model builder/painter with Eagle Films Production Ltd , a HOLLYWOOD base filmaking company during the production of 'BAT 21' movie shooting location in Borneo, Sabah state in 1987. He also sells his very own screen-printed shirts of BAT 21 to the crew and staffs of this film production company.

Among the celebrity who bought his printed shirt are Hollywood's stuntmen and Gene Hackman, too. Danny Glover bought 2 dozens of his screen printed shirts and brought it back to United States. During the filming period of BAT 21, the Property Master, Mr Dick Kyker saw the great talent of Amer Surealy in doing T-Shirt silk-screening work and once had thought to take Amer to live and work with him in the United States. But, sadly Amer Surealy did not have the PASPORT to travel abroad. So, Mr Dick Kyker had to leave him behind and cancel his plan. For sure, Amer Surealy are not yet step his foot to United States, till today. Eventhough he never been to States, but, he speaks fluent American English dialects. He learn to speak by himself through reading and by watching movies. If you talk to him over a telephone conversation without seeing his face, you might think he is one of the American guy..... because he speaks fresh and fluent American English .

Fans would like to view what other talents and skills are available with Amer Surealy :

He is a graphic designer, a logo designer, an automotive designer, a professional carpenter, an interior designer, a landscape designer, a building architect, an airbrush artist, a spacecraft and weapons designer for movie effects, a costume designer, a storyboard artist, a writer, an artist, a photographer, a camera operator, an inventor for movie gadgets and screen printing equipment, a mechanical and technical designer, a special effects for movies and screen printing, a boats and ships design, a vehicles designer, an industrial design, an interior and concert lighting effects designer, experiences in offset printing and screen printing since 1986, experiences in digital printing since 1998.

That are a few of his multi-skills and GIFTED talents. Some people say Amer Surealy are to be Asia's Walt Disney and George Lucas. And the local screen printers call him the 'Shi-Fu' (Master) or Asia's Scott Fresener. His uncle's own a franchise businesses of Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, Planet Hollywood-Kuala Lumpur, Harley Davidson-Malaysia. His uncle's is a concert organiser base in Kuala Lumpur. Among the international artistes that has perform under his uncle concert management ( JO JO's ENTERTAINMENT )are Michael Jackson and Linkin' Park.

Amer Surealy is the pioneer who deal and produce SCREEN-PRINTED shirts for major Malaysian Top entertainers and recording artistes since 1990 under his company label:
AMERSCREINT ( Amer-I-Can SCREen prINT ). His company was establish since 1986 and he was the pioneer of Plastisol Ink in Malaysia. He built his very own first T-Shirt Printer 4 color x 4 platen model in 1992 and finally the 6 color x 10 platen printer. He had manage to sell 8 unit of his handmade printer to local screen printer. Amer Surealy currently doing his futuristic supercar design in his studio for his own supercar brand : AMEREALY, and a few design to be present to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Proton and others car manufacturer, too. The next Giugiaro, too????? That's Amer Surealy.

International Marketing Director.

posted on: Fri, 05/07/2004 - 11:56am
Anonymous says: where can i find fast film posted on: Sun, 05/30/2004 - 9:10pm

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