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Arizona 180 help needed

Posted on Mon, 4 Jul 2005 at 7:43

Hi, I am new at this forum, and would like to ask for help. (I hope that this forum is ment to help, if not, please let me know which one should I try)

I am working on a machine of OCE – Arizona 180, made by Rastergraphics, and while machine is loading it programs etc (after swithc on), I am getting an error, :

paper stepper fail

Guys from OCE company (which is servicing this machine), said that it might be motors or device board. They weren’t sure which of theese... How can I chceck which of these parts are not working, or maybe You had simillar error and had found out solution?
Maybe You would advise me where should I ask for help (I mean comapnies or forums?)

Thanks for any answer (If possible, send it to me by e-mail)

Kamil Musialowski

Midi Reklama

Location of Opportunity or Item

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