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HP 3500 Film Output?HELP

Posted on Fri, 19 Nov 2004 at 12:40

We have a HP3500 designjet that we would like to output film to. I have the film that is needed to do this but the images aren't opauqe enough to burn a screen. Also, I need to do 4 color procees film seps from 65 line - to 85 line. We are using Flexi 7.0 to rip but I would like to use Corel and Adobe by-passing Flexi. Any suggestions for Rip software and inks that need to be used for this model.

Thanks for your input.........


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Anonymous says: We use our 5500 with onyx for our solid film positives and grayscale halftones.We make everything 100,100,100,100,turn off all profiles and slow the carriage speed down and its works. tom posted on: Tue, 11/23/2004 - 6:45pm

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