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Manta Sprinter Thermal printer

Posted on Wed, 28 Jul 2004 at 14:47

Manta Sprinter is a 36" wide thermal printer, compare the specs below with your edge prints, It is a printer only, not a printer/cutter. It has awesome speed and will print to un coated material. 3-5 year outdoor without lamination. Asking 11,000.00 OBO. 503-591-9921


Printing Method Thermal Transfer - One pass,
4 colors process (CMYK)
3 color process (CMY) & Spot color
Thermal Transfer - One pass,
4 colors process (CMYK)
3 color process (CMY) & Spot color

Resolution 400 dpi (Hardware)
400 dpi (Hardware)

Max printing speed 60 m/hr (582.5 sq. f/hr)

Media width 90.5 - 91.5 cm
Effective print width 90.2 cm (35.5")

Media Roll Length 200M max. x Ø 24cm max. 200M max. x Ø 24cm max.
Printer Dimensions (L)166 cm, (w) 134 cm, (H)100 cm (
Net Weight 500 Kg 550 Kg
External RIP Software Scanvec Amiable PhotoPrint Server® RIP software.
SprinterB Software Windows XP based*
Hardware Image Processing On-the-fly
Image Data Format Tiff Bitmap: 200/400 dpi
Tiff: 50 dpi
Workflow No RIPping time RIPs on-the-fly for Tiff: 50 dpi & Tiff Bitmap files 200/400 dpi. EPS or PostScript files can be RIPped on an external standard support RIP software.

Ribbons (consumables) Resin ribbons (500 meters per roll) CMY, CMYK and Spot colors for printing on various vinyl's, banners, PVC, reflective, perforated and many more...

Wax ribbons (500 meters per roll) CMY and CMYK for printing on various paper materials including, synthetic paper, Tyvek® and many more...

Dye-Sublimation (150 meters per roll) CMY and CMYK for printing on transfer paper (to be transferred onto wood, ceramic, cloth (T-shirts), glass, plastic, metal, etc..)

Spot colors (Resin) (150 meters per roll) Golden Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Orange, Tomato Red, Ruby Red, Burgundy, Green, Leaf Green, Pine Green, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue, Metallic - Silver & Gold.

Additional custom-made spot colors (any Pantone® color) are available.

Media / Substrates Vinyl, perforated (one-way vision), translucent, reflective, backlit, banner, flex, PVC, clear, paper, Tyvek, transfer paper, and more...

Media handling Roll-to-Roll printing (3" core).

Output Durability No coating or lamination needed for output outdoor durability of 3-5 years.
7-10 years with lamination (Depending on the substrate used and environment).

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