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Photoshop colorspace

Posted on Thu, 28 Apr 2005 at 9:17

When creating a graphic and printing to an inkjet printer, with or without a RIP, wouldn't it make sense to use the printers output profile as the source or working space instead of a generic RGB or CMYK space? Reasoning: You can ONLY print within the print profile color space anyway (ie. you cannot print any colors outside the print profile)
Is it even possible to change the working space to an output profile?
This way you can SEE EXACTLY what colors will look like as you're designing, then just send to printer. VS. designing in Adobe 1998 picking whatever colors you like (alot of which could be out of the printers capable gamut), soft proofing with gamut warning checked, and having to fiddle around with colors to GET them into gamut? MAke any sense or am I missing something? If anyone has any reason as to why you WOULD'NT do this please explain. This does not pertain to customer sent files, ONLY our own designs, pics that we are creating from scratch.

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