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Posted on Thu, 8 Jan 2004 at 11:45

My problem is Printing (RIPing) directly from photoshop instead of using a RIP program. Previously I used Wasatch Softrip to adjust the halftones. Recently I've been trying to use the halftone adjustments in Photoshop which is all under File-Print with Preview-Screen. Halftone line count is 65 lpi. I will go to Print-Print to file, then open the file in Wasatch without touching the halftone adjustments in it. Somewhere along the line the halftone properties are being lost. Once they are printed on film, it looks as if it was printing just like it was comming out of a regular printer, no halftones. Its printing 4 Different films, C,M,Y,K, but really fine dots. When the screens were burnt the image blew out in chunks, seemed like the dots were to fine to hold.

Is it possible to RIP directly from Photoshop without using Wasatch?
Did the image blow out because the screens were 305 instead of 355?

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

Brandon Scully

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