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XAAR 128/360 PLUS printhead in a Infiniti printer...

Posted on Tue, 26 Sep 2006 at 11:48

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in buying a Infiniti 2.5m printer with XAAR XJ128/360 PLUS printheads.
The technical data sounds good. Up to 1080 dpi resolution and the printspeed is not bad (27 m2 on 360x360, 6.7m2 on 720x720).

Does anyone have real experiences with this printheads?
(they seem to be pretty new, I can't find anything about them on the net or in this forum)

Durability? Clogging? What can I expect from the resolution data given?

Thank You for helping me
(and others, maybe)

Location of Opportunity or Item

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