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Murakami 2014 High School T-Shirt Screen Printing Contest

Posted on Tue, 11 Feb 2014 at 14:27

Murakami Screen's
High School
T-shirt Printing Contest!

Click here for: Official Entry Form
After the huge success of last years contest we are pleased to announce we are back for 2014! Murakami would like to sponsor a screen printing contest to promote the great efforts of the students and their schools. Open to all high schools and all grades.
See official rules below.
This years prizes:

1st Place:
$500.00 Scholarship Prize
School Receives: 4 Gallons of Murakami Emulsion
2nd Place:
$250.00 Scholarship Prize
School Receives: 2 Gallons of Murakami Emulsion
3rd Place:
$150.00 Scholarship Prize
School Receives: 1 Gallon of Murakami Emulsion
Last year's winning entries:

Isabel Parades 2013 1st Place Winner

Luis Garcia 2013 2nd Place Winner

Stephanie Estrada 2013 3rd Place Winner

Submission Entry Rules & Requirements:
1. Original Art Work - All photographs, images, and art should be the student's own work. Please avoid using clipart unless it was used to make a composition of various clips to form a new desigh. After the winners are announced Murakami will publish the winners along with their name and print in our monthly newsletter. Art must be printed onto a t-shirt of the students choice, t-shirt material, fabric or a pellon.
2. Print Method: Screen Printing - submission must include:

  • Mesh Counts used for each color in the print.
  • Type of ink used in the print.
  • How art was made, example: hand drawn or computer, or if it is clip art.
  • Number of colors used in the print.

3. Open to all high school grade levels.
4. Closing Date for submissions: May 1st 2014
5. Awards announced on May 12th 2014.
6. Printed Submissions need to have the following identifying contact information attached to the print.

  • Students Name
  • School Name and Address
  • Teacher's Name and Phone Number
  • Teacher's Email Address

7. Mail Submissions to:

Murakami Screen USA
745 Monterey Pass Rd.
Monterey Park, CA.

Attn: High School T-shirt Contest

Judging Criteria:

  • Originality of Art
  • Print Quality
  • Composition
  • Print Technique
  • Judging Committee will include Murakami staff and selected industry veterans.

Submissions: All submissions will remain the property of Murakami Screen USA Inc. unless you want it returned. If you wish to have your print returned please include a self addressed pre-paid mailer, attached to t-shirt with submission.
Murakami will use the winning art and honorable mentions in our upcoming newsletters and articles. We will also publish the artist/printer and their high school for career recognition.
So good luck, let your imaginations go wild. Here are some links to past newsletter articles that may help you separate your artwork made in Photoshop for printing:
Quick Simulated Process Separation Technique
Creating Spot Colors in Photoshop
Print Suggestions:
There is nothing wrong with hand drawn art that you can shoot on a screen. You can use black 'Sharpie' markers on polyester film or vellum. You can assemble shapes that block light, like leaves, cut out black paper, objects that block light to shoot screens. You can use a copy machine and crinkle up vellum paper for distressed looks. You can paint emulsion right on the screen and set it out in the sun to dry. You can draw with a black opaque Sharpie marker right onto coated emulsion and expose it. You can take a photo and copy it several times on a copy machine to 'posterize' the art and copy the final one to vellum to shoot a screen. You can make cut out sponge shapes and stamp them on a coated screen with poster inks, allow it to dry, then expose the screen. You can mix up discharge or water base ink and put them in a spray bottle and spray the shirt, or scrunch up the shirt in a spiral and spray it to create interesting backrounds. The possibilities to embellish a shirt are endless!

Expose the quality.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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