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:North East Haikou ,approximately 420 ki Cheap Christian Louboutin sho

Posted on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 at 1:17

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 existing commercial areas, mainly in the ancient city of the west side of being to Shangri-La Avenue and Area to the formation of t Christian Louboutin sale he central business district.
(3) cultural and educational area
relying on the status of the Institute of Education of Lijiang, Yunnan University, College of Tourism and Culture foundation, formed in the north of the city, Lai Ming Road, east of the Area of ​​concentration of culture and education.
(4) sports leisure area  Christian louboutin outlet 
mainly located in the economic sea and its surrounding area. In addition to the economic sea outside the park, will also build Lijiang municipal sports center, construction of the stadium and the main stadium.
(5) urban living areas  Replica watches for sale 
like a mountain road south of the main types of residential land ordinary residential land north of relying on the economic sea and stream reservoirs, to build the upscale residential area.
(6) tourist area  Replica watches 
ancient city on the status and Heilongtan extend northward stream reservoir and connected to the Beam River, form a complete ancient city touris Wedding dresses t area, south along the river system to the rural scenery with penetration, the formation of the North and South Epitaxy to expand the growth momentum.
8, of Center City District Area  Fake rolex Lijiang downtown Fu Hui, positive and white Chinese, peaceful, Walled, Shangyi, Wing Wah, Russia ancient Luo, stream, eight of the river and the ancient city of Area 11 Area.  Rolex replica 
city green landscape structure
Lijiang City green landscape structure can be summarized as follows: first-line, a Gallery, a series of three space.  Christian louboutin for sale 
(1) first-line
cultural landscape along the Beam River - in the e knock off Christian Louboutin conomic sea - the stream reservoirs - Black Dragon Pool - Sierra Leone Green Line.
(2) Gallery
around the main urban areas outside the rural scenery corri Wedding dresses cheap dor.
Dayan Center, Central City pastoral ecological corridor is part of the ancient city surrounding rural scenery with around Lijiang city on three sides, north, west and south, 1.2 to 1.5 km wide.
(3) three series of space  Prom dresses 2012 
including a series of ribbon, a range of patch space and a seri Replica watches es of point-like space.
a series of ribbon space: Riverfront with green space and road greening. These ribbon landscape space to the rivers and roads constitute the intertwined ecological corridor of green space system, and serve to strengthen each Area of ​​the city and the city and the surrounding fields
role of  Replica rolex 
Park link. More than 32 meters on both sides of the road contro Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes l 8 meters of the Green Line, Green Line of 20 to 32 meters on both sides of the road control 3 to 5 meters, 20 meters below the road on both sides of control 2 m of the Green Line. Among them, the city roads more than 32m, conditional control of the Green Red bottom heels  Line, construction of landscape ecological corridors (appropriate corridor width of 40 ~ 50m); fisheries r., The Qing River, Chang Luohe City Riverfront Green Belt, more than 15m corridor width, the ideal width for 20-30m.
a series of patches of space: refers to the city wit Fake breitling hin the relatively large size of the four parks and stream reservoir water source protection zones. These plaques space the general area is relatively large, are more concentrated and can play in the functional distribution, refuge role.
series of point-like space: along the roads, water systems Rolex replicas  throughout the city street green, small garden, unit garden green, together form the punctate green dotted.
planning 451.5ha of public green area, the per capita index of 21.5m2 / person.
10, urban road planning    cheap louboutins 2012  Lijiang city road planning skeleton of five horizontal and three vertical
five horizontal: stream - in the economic road, like a mountain road, Fu Hui Lu, a long waterway, peaceful road;
three vertical: East Dry River Road, Shangri-La Avenue, demo cheap christian louboutin red healed shoes cratic road.
a ring together constitute the northeastern side of the tunnel by the Center City West, Central, North Ring Road, Qingyun Road, the new Mission Area, Xihuan, Xiangshan.  cheap red bottom shoes 
In addition, the Shangri-La Avenue, Ji Lu, Fu Hui Road, the western part of the long waterway construction road for the green landscape.

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