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Screenprinting Workshops Offered

Posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2007 at 15:38

November and December have now been sold out. Watch for classes to be announced for January and later in 2008! These are not JUST textile classes as taught by others. You will learn to print a variety of substrates in our workshop.

In just three days you will learn how to screenprint at the School of Screenprinting. Let us put our 60 years of knowledge and experience in your hands at our screenprinting workshop. We have the most comprehensive and extensive training program in the industry. We have been in the screenprinting industry as operators and owners of both manual and automatic screenprinting shops for over 60 years. We teach you how to screenprint but also how to have your own successful business making a profit on each and every job.

The School of Screenprinting presents the only fully educational experience in the screenprinting industry. Our goal is to teach you how to successfully start a screenprinting business or to improve your current skills. Our comprehensive screenprinting workshop will give you the following knowledge:

Film Positives - Create film positives that have the correct resolution and density using a variety of output devices including inexpensive ink jet printers without the need for RIP software.

Process and Simulated Process Color – Learn how process color works to reproduce a wide range of colors. Why most printers use the wrong angles tht produce moiré and a wide range of reproduction problems and what angles, dot size, shape and which to use with each mesh count.

Pre-Registration Systems - Learn why you should use a pre-registration unit, how to create you own system and start saving hours each day on set-ups.

Frame Choices – We explain the different types of frames in use and how your final print, your production output and even your profit margin is affected by your choice. Learn the secrets that the big printers and distributors don’t want you to know.

Choosing the Correct Mesh – We will give you the information that you need to effectively choose the proper mesh count for the art and ink combination. We explain how to care for your mesh to make it last for years.

Tension Controls - Learn how to properly tension mesh using state of the art techniques that only the large print shops use to increase their press speed and final production numbers. We use microscopic photographs to explain exactly what happens during tensioning and screenmaking.

Emulsion Selection - We show you how to select the proper emulsion for your location and shop conditions and then how to buy your emulsion at the best possible price. We cover both direct liquid emulsion and capillary film systems.

Coating Techniques – There is only one way to coat a screen with liquid direct emulsion, i.e., the correct way that produces the best possible image reproduction. We explain how to coat for maximum resolution in a quick and easy way. Learn why at least 50-percent of all printers are coating wrong and suffering from the improper technique.

Capillary Film Application – Learn how to choose the right capillary film and how to quickly and easily apply it to the mesh. We make it simple.

Drying – Learn how to properly dry your screens in a percentage of the time that most screenmakers take, lowering your costs and increasing your profits. You will learn that both under- and over-drying are ruining most printers chances at quality printing.

Exposure Systems - You will learn how to properly determine the correct exposure for each mesh count, emulsion, coating technique, tension level and many more variables that few screenmakers take into accord and thus are making poor screens. Learn how to keep the exposure variables in control using the most rudimentary equipment.

Developing – We explain the different methods of developing stencils and the pros and cons of each. Learn how to develop for the best resolution and get the highest quality on press from proper stencil development.

Pre-Press – Learn how to create screens that are free from pinholes to save a ton of time in the pre-press department. Learn how to avoid the time consuming tasks of taping and more.

Ink Selection – Learn what inks to use for different substrates including textile, plastic, wood, leather, polyethylene, glass, and specialty products. We will discuss the different ink types and additives.

Press Set-up – After visiting over 6,000 shops in the United States, Mexico and abroad we have learned the secrets of registering screens in as little as 1 minute per color as compared to the 20 or 30 minutes in most shops. Learn the secrets of extremely fast press set-ups.

Press - We teach time and motion, ergonomics and speed printing that will effectively double your printing speed in most cases. Learn why the floodstroke doesn’t work and how to improve the ink transfer process by eliminating this stroke. We show you, on press, how mesh tension and off-contact affect ink transfer.

Flashing Textile Substrates – You will learn how to select and use the flash unit when printing textile substrates. We also explain why using the flash unit as a curing unit can result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Dryer – We explain the ins and out of electric versus gas dryers and how to properly set up and use a conveyor belt dryer to increase your production.

Screen Reclamation – Learn how to quickly reclaim the screen, and keep it free of emulsion and ink residue that cause a multitude of problems in many shops.

Attendees will receive hands-on training in the following areas:

Coating screens with direct emulsion
Applying capillary film
Determining proper exposure
Stencil development
Registration systems
Printing techniques and controls
Flash unit use
Dryer set-up and use
Screen reclamation

The 3-day comprehensive screenprinting workshop costs $495 per student. You must make reservations in advance by telephone to the School of Screenprinting. Once you receive approval you must pre-pay in order to complete the reservation process and guarantee your place in the class. The workshops fill up quickly as we limit the number of attendees to give as much individual attention as needed.

Each student receives a course book and a certificate of completion upon completion of the workshop.

Contact Bill Hood today at 1.512.535.1662 to register for the next available class and reserve your place in the most comprehensive and extensive workshop in the screenprinting industry.

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