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training courses, head for the west coast

Posted on Thu, 19 Jun 2003 at 3:34

If you are looking for a basic introduction to screenprinting or some help with specific applications of the process, have a look at some of our courses at SQUEEGEEVILLE this summer.
Take a weekend course this summer with screenprinter Andy MacDougall at his studio in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

MacDougall is a regular contributor to trade magazines Printwear & Promotion in the UK, Screen & Display Graphics in the USA, Southwest Graphics magazine, and online at in Spain. His free online virtual shortcourse 'Screenprinting today...the Basics' is accessed and used by over 4,000 people per month worldwide. A specialist in helping people set up printing and product marking operations, he is well known internationally in both the fine art printmaking field and industrial screen printing through his web site, His limited edition printmaking for Roy and Arthur Vickers, Robert & Reg Davidson, David Neel, Pam Holloway, and a growing list of other US and Canadian artists hangs in the National Gallery, the White House, and even the Kremlin. The sheer variety of uses of the process and the lack of training opportunities bring a steady stream of inquiries and customers, many from the USA.

“Some of the projects we are working on right now include implementation of an in-house textile operation for the DOE fund, an organization that helps the homeless in NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia,” said MacDougall.

“Another manufacturer is now set up in Palm Springs printing edible dog chews; they’re a great invention and apparently really taking off with sales. In January, I visited the Yukon and conducted a series of workshops under the auspices of their Cultural Industries Training Fund. Screenprinting waterbase at 40 below... We’ve had so many inquiries about learning to print, we decided to schedule some intro courses at our studio this summer.“

There are two courses:

'Introduction to Screenprinting' is for people with little or no knowledge of the screen printing process, who wish to learn techniques and use of equipment needed to start screen printing for fun and enjoyment. This is intensive and hands-on, with lots of opportunity to practice and perfect newly learned skills.

Participants will learn the basic elements of the screen printing process, including preparation of art and making film positives, stretching a screen, coating and exposing photostencils, reclaiming the screen, and printing on paper and other materials. Students can explore the many applications of the process, from producing cards and limited edition artwork, posters, decorating 3D objects, and simple t-shirts. All materials provided; participants also receive a copy of the latest edition of 'Screen Printing Today...the Basics' which includes step-by-step photos, plus information for building a simple press, exposure unit, t-shirt jig, and more.

A second course, 'Graphic Applications of Screenprinting' is for graphic arts professionals and screenprinters, teachers, or printmaking artists with some knowledge of the process, who wish to learn more about technical aspects and requirements for production, industrial applications of the process, improvements to existing production set-ups, and new advances in equipment and processes.

Participants will explore the many different applications and opportunities provided by the screen printing process in both the graphic and manufacturing industries, with individual consultation relating to user specific problems. . All materials provided; students also get a copy of 'Screen Printing Today...the Basics'. Class size for either course is limited to a maximum of 4, so students get lots of individual attention. Cost per student is US$250. A light lunch is provided.

JULY 18,19,20

JULY 21,22,23

AUGUST 16,17,18,19,20,21

SEPTEMBER 19,20,21

Workshops and inhouse training for individuals or groups available anytime, anywhere - have squeegee, will travel.
Complete information is available at, or phone (250)334-2598.

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