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2004 GBC Talon 64 Laminator - Like New

Posted on Thu, 7 May 2009 at 21:54

We have a like new GBC Talon 64 Hot/Cold Laminator for sale.

This unit was part of a bank repossession buyout that we made. Unit was made in 2004 and was only use a few times.

Features Include:

- Runs both heat activated and pressure sensitive films (hot and cold) up to 61" wide.

-"UniWind" system allows the motor driven film shafts to run in either direction to function as unwinds or rewinds.

-"MasterDial" control panel allows operator to select parameters by pressing a Mode button and then spinning the dial.

- Forced air cooling system for high quality encapsulation.

- Motorized heat roller settings are controlled by the pressure/gap selection of the pull rollers.

- Manual override allows operator to make adjustments as needed.
Feed table drops down for easy threading

- Located in our NJ warehouse

- Price is only $7995, new this model sells for over $17,000

Call or email if interested, first come first serve.

Phone# 1-800-662-6154 or 856-665-6154



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