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2008 Powerhouse Quartz PQ5217 conveyor dryer

Posted on Fri, 13 Jul 2012 at 18:26

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2008 Powerhouse Quartz PQ5217 conveyor dryer

2008 Powerhouse Quartz PQ5217 conveyor dryer

Available now:

2008 Powerhouse Quartz PQ5217 conveyor dryer - 91872

Location: North Carolina

This dryer is gently used, but in like new condition. It include the entry and exit conveyors and cost over $12,000 new.

In contrast to competitive dryers which offer only narrow belts and minimal wattage, Powerhouse’s wider belt widths and more powerful ovens let you achieve maximum production rates. Plus, with a flip of the switch, Flash Phase speeds production by raising garment and ink temperatures more quickly. Flash Phase fully powers the first heat zone while the remaining heat zone is controlled by digital temperature control.

Powerhouse’s medium wave IR elements transmit heat more quickly than conventional ceramic panels. The turbo air-knives turn quick-curing IR heat into gentle convection heat for curing bulky items such as sweat shirts and jackets.

Heated air recovery draws preheated air from beneath the belt and returns it to the oven area for energy efficiency. Adjustable oven doors help retain oven temperature.

Additionally, the removable oven hood provides easy access to the interior oven for regular cleaning. The 4-point belt tracking makes it easy to set up your dryer and extends belt life. Optional add-on in-feed and out-feed facilities garment loading and unloading when running multiple printing machines.

Product Features:

Electric: 220-240V, 3 Phase, 50-60Hz, 30600 Watts, 91 Amps
Production Rates: 1000+ Pieces / Hr
Belt Dims: 52” Wide x 17’ Long
Higher Wattages
Longer Ovens
Flash Phase Cure Booster
Medium Wave IR Elements
Digital Temperature Control
Adjustable Belt Speed
Turbo Air knives
Heated Air Recovery
Adjustable Oven Doors
Removable Oven Hood
4-Point Belt Tracking
Shipping Information: Due to the size and weight of the conveyor dryers they are shipped by truck only. Freight for this item will be charged separately at cost.

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2008 Powerhouse Quartz PQ5217 conveyor dryer

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