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Are you Ready for Some Savings! September's Equipment

Posted on Wed, 12 Sep 2007 at 15:15

Thornton Equipment Co.
Sept Equipment List

Off Set Printing
RYOBI 522H 2-Color Offset Printing Press- 1991
14x20 Landscape, RyobiMatic Continuous Dampening, Royse Recirculation, Bearer Press with 4 ink form rollers , Stream Feed @ 13,000 sph
Running Register, IR Dryer, Powder Unit, Continuous Delivery Fork, Sheet De-curl, Plate Punch, Unit has 27million impressions
Located in Mount Vernon, WA, Picture Available .... $55,000.

CAPS 2 Color, 1 Station, Hat Press -2003, Bench Model, Located in New York, Pictures Available ....$700.

Harco 6 Color, 4 Station- 10 years+, Minor Repairs Needed, Located in Florida, Pictures Available...$1600.

Brown Manufacturing MP666 6 Color, 6 Station- 2003, with Micro Registration and a JP163 Jacket Hold-down Attachment
Web Site to see the press click on Manuel Printers, then click on MasterPrinter to see the printer
and the specs. Then you click on Manuel Printers, then click on Printer Accessories and you can see the Jacket System JP163.
Located in Vermont.... $3700.

Rototex 8 Color, 4 Station- About 10 years old. Good Condition. Last owner made a tray that goes on top of the press so you can set in or tape
or whatever you use will in production. Comes with extra platens (sleeve and youth), Located in California, Pictures Available ....$3500.

M&R Gauntlet- 8 Color, 10 Station- 1991, 110v, 1 phase, 60hz, 5 amps, 36 CFM @ 100psi, 8 Pneuntic Frame Clamps, I Central Off Contact
8 Adjustable Rear Stroke. Includes Chiller and Compressor. Needs some work-the main problem is one sensor does not work.
Also the tubes that guide the squeegees should be replaced for a smoother run. The machine will run & print. Pictures Available, Located in CA.....$8500.

M&R Challenger 8 Color, 12 Station- 93/94 with Airlocks -1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Photos Available, Located in Iowa

M&R Gauntlet Series II 10 Color, 12 Station- 2006, Model # GRTR 12-10, Serial #120564271G, Servo Driven / AC Heads / 10 Squeegee Air Regulators
10 - 16” x 22” Adult Pallets, 10 - 12” x 22”Youth Pallets, 10 - 4” x 22” Sleeve Pallets, 10 - 16” Squeegee/Floodbar
1 Cayenne “D” Quartz Flash-18”x22” w/Stand (serial #120664510C), 1 M&R Tacana (In Head) “D” Quartz Flash 45x50 (serial #120564227T)
Located in Florida, Pictures Available, Assumable Lease

Falcon E type 10 Color 12 Station- 2006, AC print Servo Index, 2 Free standing Quartz Flashes, 1 set 16" platens squeegees and floodbars....$42,000

Tas RA 14 Color, 16 Station - 1995, 2 Flashcures, 1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Photos Available, Located in New York....$30,000.

M&R Challenger 14 Color, 16 Station- 1993, 2 Flashcures, 1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Photos Available, Located in Florida....$31,000.

M&R Challenger 14 Color, 16 Station- 1994, Refurbished, 2 Flashcures, 1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Photos Available, Located in Calif....$41,000.

VarioPrint Screen Printer built by Werner Moser- 4 Post Action, Vertical Screen Lift-keeps screens flat, Prints 36" x 51", Located in Conn
Pictures Available....$BO

Precision 8 Color with the Precision Dynajet Gas Dryer- 1994, There is also a wind and unwind system to print rolls of fabric.
A couple of hundred aluminum screens comes with the printing line. Can be seen, but not seen running. Pictures Available, Located in Toronto, CN

IR Flash Unit-to use with a Precision Versatronic- Located in Ohio, Pictures Available, E-mail for Information and Price

M&R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer- 2000, 38" Belt 10' of Heat, 4' Infeed, 4' Outfeed, Pictures Available, Located in Florida.... $10,900.

Hix 4819 Electric Dryer- 1995, Serial # 480-4811, 48" Belt, 39" Infeed, 12’7” Heat Chamber, 39" Outfeed

Precision Vortex Dryer- 25 Ft. Long with a 48" Belt. It could use a new belt, however it works fine and we have had no problems with it.
The Model # is WAGF48-26/10-5043-3. 230 volt 3 phase, 60 cycle. Owner would pay freight if it was sold in New England area.
Located in NH. Photo Available....$4500.

2) Ray Paul Gas Fired Dryers- measuring 48" x 22'. 500,000 BTU's 240 Volts, Single Phase. Conveyor Belts are New, Located in Utah
Pictures Available

Workhorse Flash - 2003, Located in New York, Pictures Available

2) Image Technology SW200 Screen Washers- 1999/2000, Serial # IT7256; 240 volt, 3 phase; 60 HZ; 30A, Fits screens up to 48 " wide x 39 3/4" tall
(1) Located W. Virginia, (1) Located in New York, Pictures Available.... $2625. each
These are custom built, side loading units that will fit and clean two screens per cycle.These units will clean up to 120 screens per hour.
The SW-200 will also wash up to 12 squeegee or flood bars per cycle. Standard features include automatic ink removal section, venting, PLC controller
adjusts washing cycles and times for use in any type configuration. High pressure pump adjusts up to 2000 psi, explosion proof or TEFC motor.

Insta Heat Press- Model 221- 1998, 110 Volt, Print Area is 16" x 20", Hardly Used, Great Shape, Analog Time and Temperature
Swing-away platen allows full use of lower platen. Cut-away modified lower base for ease of slipping t-shirts onto platen.
Pressure adjustment scale with gear shift for precise setting of pressure. Cast-in tubular heating element for even temperature distribution.
Work Space Needed: 37" W, 47" D, 25" H, 140 lbs, Picture Available, Located in Florida.... $750.

Geo Knight Model 294AP Heat Press- 2000, Pneumatic 16x20, $2675 New. Very good condition. Can be seen running, Still in use
Can be put on a pallet and shipped, Can be loaded in a van or truck. Pictures Available, Located in Mass....$1300. or $BO
Automatic air operated pressing (air compressor required), PSI pressure control gauge, Fully digital temperature control, Automatic digital timer
70 Programmable presets, Solid steel welded framework, SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology, Accommodates materials up to 1" thick
Temperature readout accuracy +-2°F, User selectable end-of-cycle alarms, Records number of pressing cycles done, Teflon-coated ¾" thick heat platen.

2) Robotic Stackers made by Silverman Machines - Instructional Manuals, Used to Offload Fabric or Cut Parts off an Assembly Line and Stack them Automatically.
They Function with a Lazer Eye that reads when the next pieces is coming off the oven it activates the grabber which grabs the cut part and slides it onto the
Neumatic Table which then lowers slightly to allow for the next piece to be stacked on top of it. Pictures Available, Located in New York....$2825. each

Automatic Cooldown- 110 V Plug Spray Head says"Binks" the Pressure Head says "Norgen- Good Condition, Located in New Jersey
Buyer would have to pick up with truck, can not be shipped out, Pictures Available....$Best Offer

Richmond Exposure Unit HSM3000 2833- 28 x 33, 3000 watts--Metal Halide Bulb. Serial # 44153, 2001, INTEGRATOR #TEC-I-207, PHOTOCELL #TEC-C-311
Located in New York, Pictures Available....$2000.

Curtis 10 hp Rotary Screw Compressor- Like New, 480v 14 amp, Quiet Rotary Screw Motor, (used only about 250 hrs) Picture Available, Located in Calif....$3400.

Stretching Table- for 23 x 31 Frames, Located in Florida, Pictures Available....$1500.

Newman Roller Master Stretching and RentensionTable-MiniMaster L2- Floor Dimensions: 33" X 41" X 36", Condition: Like New
Model Size and Accommodation: MZX 23 X 31" OD or M3 frames 23 X 31" up to 25 X 33" OD, , About 2 Years Old
Great Web Site to check out , Pictures Available, Located in Missouri....$2700.

2) Industrial Aluminum Frames- 54" x 80" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125" bar with supertex, 5967; mesh is #230 colored fabric w 1x61/62 L 2 at 87"
Owner will help with shipping costs, (1 of these screens was used once) Located in Texas, Picture Available

1) Industrial Aluminum Frame- 49" x 73" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125" bar with supertex, (used once), Located in Texas, Picture Available
Owner will help with shipping costs

Frames- Located in Ohio- Retensionable Aluminum Screen Frames
1) 48'' X 32" .... $100.
1) 24" x 19" ..... $40.
1) 30" x 24" ..... $50.

Frames- Tubular Steel Epoxy Coated Frames. All in Good Shape, Most have Mesh.
Mesh Count 86, 110, 140, 150, 200, 205, 255 and 305
Pictures Available, Located in New Hampshire.
3000) 18" x 22"....$$9. each 100 or more....$6. each
3500) 23" x 31"....$12. each 100 or more....$9. each
Larger Quantities.... $Make Offer

Folder/Bagger Available
Nedco EZ Fold 1000 w/ Bagger/Sealer- Located in Washington DC, Picture Available ....$13,000.

Amscomatic K 795 Folder w/ Bagger/Sealer- Located in Penn, Picture Available .... $14,000.

Amscomatic Folder/Bagger/Sealer- K700 FT-12 @E0311, Model F1-12, Serial # E601
Includes: 6' Incline Conveyor, Needs new belt and some parts. Pictures Available, Located in Missouri

Amscomatic Folder/Bagger/Sealer -2003, Model: K74011160, Ser # 080351994K, Machine Number 0129, 110V, 20 Amp
Omni Bagger- Model: OMNIC20081011160, Ser # 0803519950, Machine Number 015, 110V, 4 Amp
Manufactured by M&R Print, Only 4 hours of use, Located in NE Ohio, Pictures Available....Make an Offer$

Triumph Paper Cutter -Ideal 4850 51/1982 #271466, 18.5" wide, Picture Available, Located in Wisconsin ....$2200.
For more Information go to this Link:

Aspect Dry Image Setter- 1999, Used to output a computer image or composition at high resolution onto photographic paper or film.
Located in W. Virginia, Pictures Available.... $4300.

Linotype-Hell Quasar Imagesetter- 1995, The max. film size is 20.7 x 19.9 inches, Resolution 1270 dpi to 3387 dpi, Film roll widths from 11 inches to 20.9 inches
Dimensions: Width 47.2 " Height 43.3" Depth 29.5", Comes With Multline 120 Jeson Rapid Access Processor, Pictures Available, Located in Missouri....$7000.
TYPE: 4570, DAU-NRO 4905059, 100-240V 50-60HR, D 24107 KIEL

Lectra Systems Equipment- comprizing pattern digitizing and size-up/size-down software: Lectra Systems printer-plotter unit, Type #ALYS 30
8 ft. wide on 5 ft. stand with wheels w/ALYS pilot operating software.
Printing width 72"max, 36" min, Paper roll dia 20cm max, Maintenance Kit.
Pattern digitizing Board w/keypad-mouse, 4.5 ft. high by 5.5 ft. wide on stand.
Lectra Systems Digitizing Marking Software Diamino.
Purchaed in 2001 and maintained under Lectra annual maintenance contract thru April 2006. Located in PA, Picture Available....$10,000.

Tektronix Color Laser Printer -Model Phaser 780, Serial Number J108359, Excellent Condition, 3 to 4 years old, ALL NEW cartridges throughout printer.
Located New York, Photos Available, Pick up would be preferred if possible.
Xerox purchased Tektronix so the Xerox Phaser 780 is a similar Color Laser Printer. The printer is Network ready, has been tested, and operates like new.
This printer is still supported by Xerox
An overview of the color printer can be seen at

Arrow Multiprinter- 6 Color, 8 Station, Squeegees, Flood Bars, and Screens come with the Multiprinter. Squeegee width is approx 15.5" wide. Platens have rubber tops and are 16"x 28". Stroke length is approx. 22" and the carriage frame is about 49" front to back. Everything that
you would need to print shirts. In storage, but ready to sale. Located in Maine, Pictures Available....$3000.

Printa 990 Pad Printing System- 6 years old Platinum Package Includes: both the pad and cylindrical frames, exposure unit, frames, curing oven(dryer), pads mandrels for cylindrical printing, inks, thinners, retarders, etc… Prints on: Mugs, Golf Balls & Accessories, Writing Utensils, Sport Bottles, Wine Glasses, Ceramics Glassware, Koozies, Swiss Army Knifes, Calculators, Key Tags, Desk Accessories And Much More!
Located in Florida....$3400.
990 Series Platinum Pad and Cylindrical System Package--A complete turn-key system, right out-of-the-box.
This system includes one 990 Series Pad Printer, the Cylindrical Screen Printer add-on and the 990 Series Curing Oven.
This truly completes the process and system for professional results.

Kent Alien 100 Closed Cup Pad Printer- 1997, Model #600 FS25, 110/220v, 50/60hz, Stand Alone Model
Located in Neveda, Pictures Available.... $2000.

Padflex 250C Base Machine- 2000, (Less than 2500 Impressions) Bench Top Mount w/XYR Tooling Table, One-up 90mm Ink Cup System
Autolight Jr. Exposure Unit(Burned less than 20 Plates) Polymer Plate Processing Kit, "LIKE NEW", Located in Wisconsin
Includes Extra Ink, Pads and Supplies, Picture Available....$5,500.

Comec LPE60-4C Pad Printer– 1999, 4 Color, 12 Station, Elliptical Carousel, Foot Pedal, Clean and Lightly Used, Excellent Working Order
Pictures Available, Located in NW Washington, Can be Crated for Shipping ....$9000. $Best Offer
These machines are commonly used for plastic goods, stationary, toys, electrical appliances, ceramic goods, shoes, leather, paper
wooden goods, or cosmetics. Simple to operate, Advanced Micro-computer controls, Multi-functional with major function program
presetting, Store function programs in memory indefinitely.
Specifications: Model: TIC-401SC
Printing Colors: 4
Carousel: 16-Station Elliptical
Configuration: Closed Ink, Sealed cup
Ink Cup Size: 90mm
Max Speed: 1100 cycle/hr
Printing Force: 2640N (270kg) at 6 bar
Air pressure: 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
Machine weight: 771 lbs (350 kg)
Power 110V or 220V, 60/50 Hz, 50W

Trans Tech Exposure Unit MBM 2840- 2006, Largest Cliche' Size 285 x 400 mm, 110 Volts, 8) 20 Watt UV Bulbs Included, Weight 46 lbs.
21 1/2" length x 20 1/4" width x 8.75" height, Excellent Condition, Pictures Available, Located in New York
The Trans Tech MBM Vacuum Exposure Unit is the perfect tool to assist you in making cliché plates for test printing samples, prototype products and low-volume production runs. The MBM is a sturdy, compact device that combines a vacuum frame and internal vacuum pump
with an automatically timed ultraviolet light source.

Trans Tech Exposure Unit XPO 350- 1995, Largest Cliche' Size 285 x 400 mm, 110 Volts, 8) 20 Watt UV Bulbs Included, Weight 46 lbs
21 1/2" length x 20 1/4" width x 8.75" height, Very Good Condition, Serviced byTrans Tech April ' 06, Pictures Available, Located in New York
The Trans Tech MBM Vacuum Exposure Unit is the perfect tool to assist you in making cliché plates for test printing samples, prototype products and low-volume production runs. The MBM is a sturdy, compact device that combines a vacuum frame and internal vacuum pump
with an automatically timed ultraviolet light source.

OYO GS 618 Liberator MFG 2001, Located in Washington, Can be shipped UPS, Pictures Available....$4000.

2) Fasco 642 Thermal Printers- w/ pc driven software, Comes with assortment rolls of thermal ribbons and tagstock
2-Sided Printers w/ stackers. Approx. 10-12 years old. One machines works great, the other needs some work.
Located in NY, Picture Available....$1500. each or Both for $2000.

2) Hydrolic Clickers- 1} Schwabe 1} Atom- Used for die cutting materials, Steel table and a platen on a swivel arm, Good Condition
About 10 years old, 3 Phase, Table and Platen Size:18" x 24", Located in Georgia .... $2000. each

5) Seal O Matic High Frequency Heat Seal Machines- with 4 Station, 6' Rotary Turntables, Machine Model #400 FS25, 4kw 1 phase
220 40 amp, Turntable Camco 6' 4 Station Turntable Model #901RDM4H32-330, Appox.Year 1964
These Machines used for many industries they basically weld or mate two Vinyl materials together commonly used in
Book bindery, stationary, seams on water beds, Vinyl upholstery, Textile industry also to put logos embossed directly
onto vinyl. Located in Neveda, Pictures Available
AWT-Take Off- 1999 AWT Air Suction Cup Take Off, Like New. Model#SCTO-18 Serial#70286 Will fit 18" x 24" AWT Press....$850.

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