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Brother DTG 541 - 89127

Posted on Fri, 13 Jul 2012 at 18:03

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Brother DTG 541 - 89127

Brother DTG 541 - 89127

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Brother DTG 541 - 89127

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Print head replaced in 2010 and it is in great working shape!

If you can imagine it, you can print it. Imagine a garment printer that allows you to print directly from a computer or a digital compact memory card. This without having to deal with the demoroso and costly process of traditional screen printing machines.

The new GT-541, injectable ink printer prints on most garments in full color, in an area of 14 "x 16". It is easy to operate as any other computer printer and consistently gives a very high resolution quality. It is more rapid and cheaper to operate than the traditional machine screen printing, because time is not wasted in preparation, installation, desintalación, cleaning or rubber rollers. Durable water-based ink is very resistant to many washed and can be cured with a press of heat, eliminating the possibility of buying a plate with industrial conveyor.

The GT-541 this designed to print garments. Inks and the print heads were designed together to print on materials of cotton and cotton/polyester blend. It is what you can expect from a leader of ink printers technology to injection.

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Brother DTG 541 - 89127

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